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Many people are puzzled about what blocks action on climate change. Researchers found that the belief in armageddon is blocking meaningful action on climate change. In an article in Political Science Quarterly, researchers David C. Barker of the University of Pittsburgh and David H. Bearce of the University of Colorado discovered that the twisted belief in the biblical end-times is one of the main motivating factors behind resistance to curbing climate change. An overwhelming percentage of Republican citizens profess a belief in the end-times (76 percent in 2006).

This suggests that any governmental attempts to curb greenhouse emissions will encounter stiff resistance even if every Democrat in the country voted to curb them. According to the authors, an “…end-times believer would rationally perceive such efforts to be ultimately futile, and hence ill-advised.”1 In addition, people who hold this belief will see the increasingly more severe weather due to climate change as a fulfillment of the prophecy and conformation of their belief.

The authors conclude that changing this twisted belief is impossible. These people believe that the Bible predicts the future and that we are all living in the last days. They make up about one-third of America’s 40 or 50 million Evangelical Christians. Their beliefs are rooted in some of the Bible’s oldest prophetic passages, especially those in Daniel and Ezekiel in the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. In addition, in a 2006 survey by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life and the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, fully 79% of Christians in the U.S. say they believe that Christ will return to Earth. This belief is tied to the belief in end-times in that the Second Coming is supposed to happen immediately after Armageddon.3

The Belief In End Times Is Worldwide

A new poll conducted by Reuters found that 1 in 7 people worldwide people also hold this belief. Researchers at Ipsos Global Public Affairs polled 16,262 individuals from more than 20 countries to gather the data. The U. S. and Turkey had the highest percent of believers at 22 percent. France had the lowest.2

How To Change This Twisted Belief?

  • Read more about twisted beliefs and their effects on us all, particularly how they affect peoples’ views of global climate change.
  • Do all you can to support legislation designed to curb climate change.
  • Do your own research to find out if any of your local, state and national elected officials hold this belief.
  • Vote out people who hold this twisted belief, if you ever want climate change legislation to pass.
  • Challenge elected people who hold this belief at all public meetings and force them to declare publically what they believe about the end-times. No twisted belief should go unchallenged.
  • Take a look at the four books in my Twisted Beliefs Series of e-books published by Amazon/Kindle to learn how twisted beliefs are formed, how their often hidden effects on you and others and how to change them.

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