This four-book series shows how twisted beliefs can screw up your life even if you are smart. You may suffer from premature hardening of the categories and believe things that aren’t really true. You may hold twisted, rigid beliefs that cause you to make self-defeating decisions. These four books take you on an inner journey starting with learning about how your beliefs can get twisted. Then you learn how your twisted beliefs may attract con artists, sociopaths and predators into your life and what you need to do to protect yourself from them. Next you learn how to change your twisted beliefs, even those that could kill you. Finally, you learn how to trust your “inner knowing” instead of your beliefs and then learn to use that knowledge to guide your life decisions.

Book # 1:  Premature Hardening of the Categories 

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Twisted.Beliefs.01.ebook.cover.smDo you know someone who seems to be smart who seems but also has self-defeating or maybe even self-destructive behavior? I would describe these people as suffering from premature hardening of the categories. In other words, they hold on to rigid and twisted beliefs that keep them stuck in their development. This book helps you, the reader, learn what these twisted beliefs look like, where they came from, what hidden effects they can have on your life and how you can change this situation.

  • This books helps you understand the causes of premature hardening of the categories of your beliefs and why it’s hard to change them. It also describes the author’s journey to identify the sources of his self-defeating behaviors and then how he changed them. This book focuses on understanding the hidden causes and effects of your twisted beliefs.

This book is now available at Amazon for $2.99.

The Draconian Agenda of Human Predators

Human predators have twisted beliefs that cause them to lie, cheat, manipulate and exploit the people they target. They are the “takers” rather than “givers” of life. Sometimes known as psychopaths or sociopaths or plain old narcissists, they don’t have empathy or a conscience. They could be one of your neighbors or someone in high places where they can advance their agenda by acting on their twisted beliefs.

These life-takers don’t even try to hide their agenda any more. Through the corporate controlled American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), they are rapidly advancing their life-taking agenda. They’ve created templates for topic-specific legislation that they provide to state legislators that can be tweaked and adapted. North Carolina has become a test-state for ALEC’s agenda. If it is successful here, it will set precedents that can be used in other states where they control the state legislature and governor’s office. The YouTube video shows Western North Carolina’s reaction to this agenda: Mountain Moral Monday.

Reviews of Twisted Beliefs: How They Cause Premature Hardening of the Categories…

In the 25 years that I’ve known Barry Weinhold, he has been excavating out in the fields human behavior and relationships and carefully examining the psychological artifacts he’s dug up. This first book in a series of four is a gift that Barry draws up from his deep well of curiosity, life experience, inner work and research. Barry’s sweeping searchlight illuminates the widespread institutional predation in our 21st century world.

He astutely connects behaviors and outcomes with beliefs. Barry has zeroed in on this ever-so-common human behavior and offers a way out! And the way out is in — into the dark box of mistaken beliefs buried somewhere in the psyche. The frosting on this tour de force cake can be found in the many tools that he offers the reader to use to examine his or her life, behaviors and beliefs — literally to see oneself in the mirror. Paul W. Burke Writer, editor, facilitator, pilgrim Colorado Springs, CO.

“This book offers a plethora of useful tools for a fully functioning self…”

In this intriguing book Barry opens our eyes to the often ignored truth that while we may not be able to do much to change others, that is really not what we ought to be about in the first place. His emphasis on dealing honestly with our past and our own dysfunction is a much needed message in this age of anger, finger pointing and closed mindedness. He offers not only diagnosis but a plethora of useful tools for developing a healthy consciousness and what he calls a fully functioning self.

While my life experiences have been significantly different from those Barry so honestly shares, and my experience in the Christian faith has been much more positive than was his, this book has challenged me to think more deeply and honestly about all manner of things, including my faith, and to live more openly as I seek to be all I was created to be. John McCullough, Methodist Minister Daleville, Alabama

 Book #2: The Twisted Beliefs Of Human Predators – Now Available at Amazon!

Twisted.Beliefs.02.eBook.CoverThis book is the second of a four book series on the causes and the effects ot “twisted beliefs.” In order to protect yourself from being targeted by human predators, you need to learn more about how how to spot their twisted beliefs behind their thoughts and and behaviors. If we believe they think and act just like we do, we will become an easy target of their predation. Because of their twisted beliefs, they are very different people from who they pretend to be. This book looks under every rock and behind every Big Lie to show you how their twisted beleifs have caused these people to think and act in very different ways than we are used to. Have you ever been lied to and manipulated into doing things that did not support your needs and instead ended up suporting the needs of others who took advantage of your trusting nature? If you answered “Never,” you are in denial. We all have been tricked and manipulated by the Big Lies and the cleaver manipulations of human predators, unless you have been living in a cave somewhere all your life. They are everywhere and they are constantly searching for their next victim. This book will provde you with the essential ways to identify these people and then how you can protect yourself against their nefarious plans.

This book is now available at Amazon for $2.99.

Book #3: How To Identify And Change Your Twisted Beliefs Now Available at Amazon!

Do you remember how you felt when you found out that your belief in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy was not true? I felt conflicted because I liked all the gifts that came with the lie. This is like Woody Allen’s story about his uncle who thought he was a chicken. He said the family didn’t correct him because they needed the eggs. Santa Claus is typically portrayed as a person who supposedly watched you to see if you were good or bad and would reward you accordingly on Christmas morning. The implied threat was if you’d end up with a lump of coal if you didn’t behave. How deceitful is it to use Santa Clause to control your kid’s behavior? Sadly, I ended up telling my kids the same lies for the same reasons. Go figure! I was told other lies that had far more damaging effects on my life. For example, I learned in church that I was born a sinner and would always be one. They were pretty convincing, so I believed what they told me. I also learned from my parents what a “bad boy” when I did something that displeased them.

The Impact of Twisted Beliefs on Your Life

How do lies, shaming and judgment affect you? Most people can give you a long list of what they believe is wrong with them, but are hard-pressed to think of any good qualities. Most of us are told we’re not “good enough” in some important way, and told enough times that we believed this must be true. This process begins very early in life. Research shows that parents say the word “no” to their child over 20,000 times before he/she reaches the age of two. And most of this is delivered with judging, shaming facial expressions. Most people don’t realize how damaging it is to base their life on twisted beliefs. If this happened to you, what can you do to change your negative beliefs about yourself?

How This Book Can Help You

 Twisted.Beliefs.03.eBook.CoverHow to Identify and Change Your Twisted Beliefs provides answers to these and other important questions. It includes many self-awareness and self-correction exercises to help you identify and change lie-based beliefs that you learned while growing up. For example, one self-inventory identifies thirty-six common twisted beliefs that you may have learned while growing up in your family, church or schools. The first part of the book helps you identify any twisted beliefs you might have. It also identifies the probable negative effects that holding these twisted beliefs can have on your life. The second half of the book shows you how you can change your twisted beliefs. Twisted beliefs about yourself can cause stress that leads to degenerative diseases. For example, I describe how I held twisted beliefs that caused cancer to grow in my body. I also share how I was able to reverse it by changing my twisted beliefs. I write about how I identified and changed other twisted beliefs, and what I learned in that process. This is a very personal book that Barry felt compelled to write and share with others who are interested in personal growth and change.

This book is now available at Amazon for $2.99.

Book #4: Beyond Beliefs: The Journey of The Gnostic Warrior Now Available at Amazon!

BeyondBeliefsTwistedBeliefs04eBook-2 copy What lies beyond your beliefs is your personal freedom! You can live your life free from the undo influences of twisted collective beliefs manufactured by spin-masters of the mainstream media. They work hard to get you to believe their lies and distortions because it makes it easier for them to confuse and control you. This book, Beyond Beliefs: The Journey of the Gnostic Warrior, will help change any misperceptions (chains) you may have about these twisted beliefs. By reading this book you will discover the personal freedom that lies beyond your beliefs: your inner knowing of the truth and how to use it to chart the course of your life’s journey.

By reading this book you will learn the following:

  • What tools do I need to reconnect with my inner wisdom?
  • How can I better understand the current collective breakdown/breakthrough process?
  • How can I navigate through this chaotic process successfully using my inner wisdom?
  • What are some examples of successful breakthrough projects I can look to for inspiration?
  • What is a Gnostic Warrior and how is he/she different from a Traditional Warrior?
  • What skills do I need to become an effective Gnostic Warrior?
  • What are my “essential travel tips” for “The Journey  of the Gnostic Warrior?”

I end this book with a case study about a young political activist. I coached him as he participated in the protests in Ukraine against the corrupt government in late 2013 and early 2014. These brave gnostic warriors brought down the government and are in the process of forming a new, hopefully more democratic  government.

This book is now available at Amazon for $3.99.



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