Humanity, Earth, our solar system and maybe all of creation are in the midst of a Great Shift. Long prophesied by the Mayans and other indigenous peoples, the alignment of our Sun and Solar System with Galactic Center around 2012 is triggering both the breakdown of old structures and systems and the breakthrough of new ones. On one hand, the beam of energy being transmitted to us from Galactic Center is upgrading our DNA, rewiring our brains and advancing our consciousness in ways that are causing breakthroughs in all aspects of our lives. Simultaneously, this same energy is triggering the breakdown of outdated human structures.

Social breakdown is not caused by a specific disaster, but arises out of the actions of individual people who are experience traumatic breakdowns related to social, economic and political crises.

In October 2008 group of Kuwaiti equity traders marched on the emir’s office to demand the closing of the stock exchange to stem losses. A similar thing happened in Greece in late 2008 when riots sparked by the police shooting of a teenager, became tinged with economic dissension. In February 2009 riots in Ireland threatened to close the banks. The economic collapse of Iceland may presage civil disruptions there, as job losses multiply and credit bills come due.

During times of social crisis even governments can be stressed beyond their breaking-point. The chaos that ensued in New Orleans in the absence of an effective federal response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is one such example in this country. In such troubled times, people are forced to fend for themselves and their families, by any means necessary.

Reports from New Orleans about the breakdown of the civil society and the implementation of martial law clearly revealed that the psyche of Americans may be more fragile than anticipated.

Ecologically, Earth is experiencing major extinction events in its ecosystem, such as the disappearance of many amphibian species due to the discovery of immense dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico. This is happening well before scientists anticipated, validating that we are in the midst of the long prophesied shift of 2012.

At the same time, there are signs of breakthrough and awaking appearing at an even more incredible rate, including new forms of energy: hydrogen, magnetic and plasma, and humanity’s ability to use catastrophic events such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and economic instability to open individual’s hearts. Call it restructuring, or rewiring or illumination many people are reporting feeling tired, having migrane headaches and flu-like symptoms, electrical sensations in their limbs and spine and increased sensitivity to energy and phenomena such as sunspots.

We believe that Earth and humanity are poised at the brink of a quantum leap in evolution. This event can be experienced as truly wonderful for those who have prepared. Those who are not prepared may experience it quite differently.

The impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans is an excellent example. Local, state and national officials were all aware that Lake Pontchartrain levees were at risk if exposed to tidal surges from a hurricane. The FBI, which began warning of an “epidemic” of mortgage fraud in September 2004, also knew that lenders were initiating 80% of these frauds.

Their report of epidemic of mortgage control fraud came at such an early point that the financial crisis could have been averted had the Bush administration acted with even minimal competence. To learn about the sequence of events that led to the US economic crisis (that has now spread to global proportions), see the documentary, House of Cards.

Americans who were caught up in the frenzy of both the housing bubble and the financial bubble were totally unprepared to cope with the fallout of being overly indebted in a declining economy.

The same can be about preparedness for other kinds of potential disasters. While it is not possible to prevent hurricanes and other environmental events associated with climactic changes, it is possible to prepare for them.

The consequences of a lack of preparedness for anticipated events are a wake-up call indicating the need for another kind of preparedness: shifts in the collective consciousness of humanity. The cosmic events now being triggered by the waves of energy from Galactic Center are changing not only the physical structure of Earth, but the consciousness of humanity. These interlocking phenomena demonstrate the need to begin building the structures for a new civilization.

The dimensional veils have been thinning during the past 50 years, creating a new opening of the Earth to extraterrestrial visitors. Soon we all will be experiencing a reunion with our star brothers and sisters that will require skills in Exopoliticsthe establishment of formal diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial civilizations. While there still may be some chaos due to both personal and Earth changes, it may not be as intense if people prepare for them both physically and spiritually.

Visioning A New Civilization

While part of the challenge in building a new civilization must focus on staying calm and safe during rapid social, economic, political and climate-related changes, the real challenge is spiritual: how do we individually and collectively respond to these changes with kindness and compassion As the old breaks down, how do we build new social, economic, political and spiritual structures that are in alignment with this new consciousness Those who understand the complexity of the changes upon us recognize that what appears to be death and the devastation may actually be first step in the birth of new social, economic, political and religious structures.

There are many advanced souls present on Earth who have incarnated specifically to facilitate this higher dimensional shift. They, particularly the children, feel called to build a kinder and more compassionate world that reunites us with the Earth. These souls are working to birth their new consciousness, which will change their fundamental relationship with the Earth and each other during the time of this dimensional shift

Children As the Future

Conscious conception, non-violent birthing and enlightened child-rearing practices are critical steps in building a civilization that is able to manifest its God-given potential. We believe that children conceived, birthed and parented in a trauma-free environment become healthy, intelligent, productive and joy-filled people who retain their multidimensional capabilities. The children have he capacity to create much brighter and lighter world than the one currently breaking down.

In the early development of children, around the age of three to four years, they have a natural desire to bond with the Earth. During this period, they love walking barefoot in the grass and dirt and examining insects and the small life that lives there. This is also the ideal time to introduce them to gardening, growing things and interacting with animals. Here they learn to respect life and to learn cause-and-effect thinking. As children mature they also have a strong desire to participate in family and community life, particularly the discussion of life’s big questions involving values, moral quandaries and decision making; issues of justice and expressing respect, empathy and compassion.

As children get older they are ready to experience opportunities to be of service, which help them learn the connections between spirituality, ethical interpersonal interactions and social activism. These opportunities expose them to the practice of philosophies based on doing good deeds and loving acts of kindness.

Reconnecting With the Earth

Energetic exchanges of unconditional love between humans and between humans and animals, plants, minerals, and the Earth create shared experiences of deep resonance. Most people recognize that spending time in Nature has a therapeutic effect on their mood, their nervous system and their outlook. Outdoors activities such as hiking, gardening, biking, skiing, running, fishing help ground our bodies and quiet our minds. Quiet activities such as sitting in nature, listening to birds, watching the clouds move, star-gazing, full-moon meditations also help us attune with not only Earth but with the cosmos.

We highly recommend the work of several individuals whose work with Nature has given them widespread recognition. The first is Michaelle Small Wright, who lives and works at Perelandra, a small farm in Virginia where she works in partnership with Nature to produce a system of rebalancing human health through a variety of remedies and processes. Wright suggests imagining what we could accomplish if we teamed up with the greatest authority in the field of balance nature to help us personally make the best decisions for improving our lives and our planet. Imagine, she says, what it would be like if individual scientists not only made discoveries that could unravel the environmental mess we have created but also made new discoveries that didn’t add to or perpetuate the problems.

The second source is The Ringing Cedars of Russia,a series of books about a Siberian woman named Anastasia, reveal profound wisdom grounded in ancient knowledge, expose suppressed secrets and hidden historical facts and offer a whole new paradigm for our planet’s future. They contain ideas about the education of children, spirituality, sexual relations, nutrition and health and the importance of communicating with living Nature. More than 10 million copies of these books, now in more than 20 languages, have been sold around the world.

Building New Social Structures

According to David Korten in the March/April 2009 issue of Tikkun magazine on Remaking America, the largest collective issue facing humanity is related to a materialistic lifestyle based on over-consumption that causes environmental, economic, political, social and governmental problems. The bottom line in changing this lifestyle seems rooted in a spiritual dilemma of which master do we serve This dilemma is obvious in the well-known scripture verse from the Sermon on the Mount:

No one can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon (Matthew 6:24)
Mammon refers to wealth as an object of worship; the worship of false god; a form of demonic possession; an evil fore in opposition to the God of Life.

Korten says that, as a species, are at an evolutionary crossroad. We can create social structures that are based on the worship of money and the pursuit of individual greed or ones that are devoted to the service of life. This, says Korten, is a choice that must be made as a society, a community, and as a collective body (p. 35).


We personally do not have a program, approach or protocol that we are recommending for building a new civilization. Our goal is to inspire, to provoke and to encourage people to think about the kind of future they want, to dream together in groups and to begin taking action in some meaningful way.

Most of all, we support the idea that all the breakdown we see in the world around us as a giant, even epic, opportunity for humanity to fully flower . . . to fulfill it’s God-given potential as a co-creator of life.

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