Barry K. Weinhold

In the clever little ditty about “me and my Shadow,” the singer/dancer is in relationship to his Shadow as they stroll together down the avenue. However, if you operate out of a False Self, you cannot be in relationship with your Shadow. You may not even realize that you have a Shadow part. The Shadow in psychology usually refers to those unwanted aspects of your Self that you choose to ignore by splitting them off from your awareness and then can see only in others. Projection is seeing your own Shadow parts in other people and judging them for being the way they are. This defense mechanism is a way to avoid or hide aspects of yourself that you learned as a child were unacceptable.

Interestingly, what you try to avoid is often what you attract to yourself. Have you ever experienced something, such as angry people that you want to avoid, suddenly showing up everywhere, in the aggressive server, the over-bearing friend, the demanding boss or the complaining spouse Those you wish to avoid all show up in your life for a reason. The Law of Attraction causes you to draw them and their issues to you in order to complete some karmic issue or heal some trauma. In addition, the natural learning style of human beings is to repeat something that is unfinished or unresolved until it they understand and feel complete.

Actually, there is a mythical place called “central casting” where they have an unlimited supply of actors and actresses that they can send into your life to help you resolve the inner split, deal with the karmic issue or heal the trauma. They will continue to send these people into your life until the unresolved karmic issue involving these kinds of people is resolved. Then they will stop sending these people into your life. You will know that you have resolved the karmic issue when you no longer have to deal with people who dial up a reaction in you.

When you live out of your False Self, you tend focus your awareness on the unfinished business or issues of others and often are very unaware of your own karmic issues. You use projections to keep yourself from having to look at and face your own karmic issues. If you are in a relationship, you may see the other person as the sick or needy one in the relationship. This often enables you to continue to live out of the False Self to avoid looking at your own Shadow.

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