Doug BrodieWe believe that developmental shock, trauma or stress from unrecognized and unhealed childhood events energetically imprints the mind-body in ways that cause the growth of cancer or other degenerative diseases. This understanding matches those of Dr. W. Douglas Brodie (photo prior to his death on right), Dr. Ryke Hamer and other innovative researchers. The key has been a willingness on their part and our part to look outside the box for the holistic causes of these diseases.

Dr. Hamer’s (photo on left) research looks mostly at the effects of acute experiences involving shock, while Brodie’s focuses more on the chronic effects of developmental trauma. They are philosophically and theoretically aligned in acknowledging that a precipitating event involving developmental shock, trauma or stress within two years of a cancer diagnosis triggers the onset of this life-threatening disease.

Ryke HamerBoth perspectives are on the cutting edge of both complementary and allopathic medicine and support our developmental paradigm. Dr. Brodie’s recognition of the long-term impact of unresolved developmental shock, trauma or stress on the mind-body during early childhood reinforces our own heuristic research findings on the effects of developmental shock, trauma or stress on physical and emotional health.

Brodie’s work plus the work of Ryke Hamer have been invaluable in helping us formulate the appropriate interventions for treating developmental shock, trauma or stress and to hopefully reversing the conditions that can cause cancer. We believe that the developmental shock, trauma or stress do contribute to the creation of most degenerative diseases. For example, diabetes is caused by very high glucose levels in the cells that could have been produced through the same six-stage process that Brodie described above about cancer.

Heart diseases are also due to the long-term effects of developmental shock, trauma or stress on hypertension. We know that diet and exercise also play a role in all three of these degenerative diseases, but the underlying cause is due to unrecognized and unhealed developmental shocks, traumas or stresses. They create conditions where people have food cravings to feed the fungus infections and cause the lack of energy in the cells that makes it harder to exercise.

We know these dedicated pioneers have opened the door to a new paradigm for preventing and curing degenerative diseases. We see their biological research as the companion to our psychological research on developmental shock, trauma or stress as a causative factor of illness and degenerative diseases, and provide support for our treatment model, Developmental Process Work (DPW).

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