If you saw the film, The Matrix, you probably remember the defining moment when Morpheus offers Neo a choice between taking the red pill and the blue pill. He tells Neo that taking the red pill promises the truth, nothing more. Neo decides to take the red pill and suddenly he awakens to a reality that is utterly different from anything he or the audience could have expected. What Neo thought was reality turned out to be a collective illusion, fabricated by a Matrix mainframe computer and fed to a population that was asleep, cocooned in grotesque embryonic pods. In our personal Matrix, we find that our true reality and our perceived reality exist on entirely different planes or dimensions.

The Matrix movie provides an excellent metaphor for understanding what have created in our world. Rather than a computer creating our illusionary Matrix, there is a small group of very wealthy, powerful international citizens who own the corporate media. This conglomerate fabricates a collective illusion to control and manipulate the consciousness of the masses in a way that is similar to the Matrix films. Throughout history, humanity has had political and religious leaders who told us what was true and what wasnt true. This fabricated reality typically benefits this invisible group of elite families and their organizations and corporations.

Both major political parties in this country are complicit in maintaining the Matrix as it helps keep politicians in office who are complicit in the plan to maintain control over the American people. The Matrix is based on domination and hierarchy and uses divide- and-conquer strategies to keep the people from uniting against it. It is based on fear and keeping people in a constant state of anxiety and trauma so that they are easier to control. It also dumbs down the creativity and freethinking ability of al people by distracting them with orange alerts and threats of terrorist attacks.

There are cracks showing in the Shield that has protected the elites, allowing those willing to do the homework to discover the truth. Those who created the Matrix live in fear that the masses will break free and hold them responsible for all their lies and the affects of those lies. When this happens they usually work harder to hold on to their domination and control and resort to more desperate measures like starting wars, creating false flag events and enacting more repressive legislation to protect their secrets.

Like Neo, we were unaware of the reality matrix when we began our own search for truth. We had vague and uneasy hunches that what we were observing was not what it seemed to be. So we began an exhaustive seven-year period of research to determine what was true about what we perceived and what was not. As criteria for believing information we found during our research, we looked for cross-validation from three independent sources. We were cautious and looked for sources that had reached their conclusions without reading each other’s research. This strategy was important, because we discovered that much of the matrix was created by people disseminating disinformation that was subsequently cited by others in order to make it appear valid.

From our our search for truth, we created seven e-books that describe how to Break Free of the Matrix. You’ll find them available in our bookstore.

Breaking Free of the Matrix: An Introduction,
Breaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering the Truth About Your Personal History,
Breaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering the Truth About Your Religious and Cultural Heritage,
Breaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering The Truth About Your Nation’s History
Breaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering The Truth About The History of the Earth,
Breaking Free of The Matrix: Recovering The Truth About The History of the Human Race,
Breaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering The Truth About Your Soul’s History,

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