By: Barry K. Weinhold, Ph.D.Revolutions are about changing the world. Here is my vision of a force in our universe that not only can change our world, but also determines the course of human evolution. We call this force LOVEvolution. Science has known for some time that Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection just doesnt hold water. There is a complete lack of evidence of transitional fossils needed to prove this theory. Most scientists agree, but have been reluctant to say this because the only alternative is Creationism, which very few of them can accept. Now there is emerging a third option, that we call LOVEvolution.

This new theory, which has lots of scientific data to support it, is based the premise that the primal energy of the universe is love. If you are open to give and receive love, you will evolve. If you are not open to give and receive love, you do not evolve. You can find out more about many of the details of this new theory on our web site at

First, Id like to describe briefly the elements of this new theory and some of the scientific evidence that supports it. Then I want to help you ground this theory in your everyday life.

The Discovery of the DNA Molecule

Let’s begin with the discovery of the DNA molecule in 1952 by Crick and Watson. They believed that DNA controlled all of our physical development and that it was impossible to change it. According to their theory, when you are conceived, your DNA code is set in place and it never changes. Since 1952, this has been the prevailing belief in biology. Beginning about 1988 a few studies were conducted indicating that under certain circumstances, it is possible to change your DNA.

Now by 2005, there is a mountain of evidence that says it is really possible to change our own DNA. Scientists, like Dr. Bruce Lipton, are now saying that we are able to rewrite our own DNA based on how we think, feel and behave.

Lipton, a microbiologist, has put together an excellent description of how LOVEvolution works. He says that the heart of a cell is really not the nucleus, but rather its outer walls. Actually, when the nucleus is removed the cell it still lives. Here there are many receptors on the outer walls of the cell that allow it to interact with its environment. According to Lipton, when the cell perceives its environment as safe and supportive, the receptors open to feed the cell with important nutrients, mostly proteins

When the cell perceives its environment as dangerous or harmful, it protects itself by closing its receptors so that it will not take in the harmful energy. The danger signal sets off an instinctive response in the cell to close its receptors. Lipton also found that a cell can only be in one mode or the otherit cannot be in both modes at the same time. You are either in growth or protection. This means that if you perceive the world as dangerous or unsafe in some way and live in constant fear, you will not evolve and your cells will not get the necessary nutrients they need to grow.

The most important part of the theory of LOVEvolution is that the basic energy of the universe is love. We know that our thoughts and feelings are forms of energy. An e-motion is simply thought energy in motion. This concept is now pretty widely accepted as a basic law of metaphysics. So, by thinking positive thoughts and experiencing positive feelings, over time, you can evolve your consciousness to a higher level.

What is the Source of Love Energy?

Where does this loving energy come from? Is it just inside of us or does to come to us from the outside and depending on our receptivity we either take it in or not? It is now really clear that the greatest source of energy in our galaxy exists at the center of the Milky Way. It is a black hole larger than several million of our Suns, yet it is compacted into a space about 10 times smaller than the Earth’s orbit around the sun. While Galactic Center emits energy all the time, there are certain times when it has its strongest effect on us, such as periods of time when our our Solar System is conjunct with the Black Hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Every 250 million years, our galaxy makes one complete rotation and within that larger rotation our solar system is also rotating. Our Solar System actually exists on a remote arm of our Galaxy. but at about the mid-point of its 26,000 year rotation, it comes in direct alignment with Galactic Center. This Solar System Cycle has placed it directly conjunct with Galactic Center starting about 1989 until around 2016. According to most astrological calculations, on December 21, 2012 we will be in the exact middle of this approximate 36-year transit where it lines up directly with the center of the Black Hole of our Milky Way Galaxy. According to the Mayan calendar, the most accurate calendar in the world, 2012 is also the end of a 26,000-year cycle of their calendar. This is why there has been so much interest in December 21, 2012. Likely, the Mayans will just create another cycle of their calendar and nothing catastrophic will happen. But the interesting point about this date has to do with the intensity of the energy comes at us from Galactic Center.

Geologists and astronomers also have found that during these periods when our solar system rotates so the Sun and the Earth are lined up with Galactic Center, the energy from Galactic Center has a powerful effect on our solar system, the Earth and us. They have correlated the alignment of the Earth and our Sun with Galactic Center with increases in sun spot activity, increases in volcanic activity, earthquakes, and severe weather changes. Many believe this intense energy is a possible contributing cause of global warming. There have been visible evidence of "global warming"of Mars and Venus and likely all the planets in our solar system are being effected by this intense energy. The other possible effects of the energy aimed at the Earth and us during this alignment could be responsible for the breakdown of social, religious, political, economic and national structures that we have experienced in the past 30 years. Time also seems to be speeding up and it may be responsible for the increased polarization between groups, religions, races and regions on the planet.On the other hand, this intense energy can bring about other breakthroughs, such as the birth of more profoundly gifted children, the Indigo and Crystal Children, and people are becoming more spiritual and less religious in the traditional sense. We also see the emergence of new social structures based on partnership, collaboration and cooperation. We believe that this intense energy is supporting this emergence.

Many researchers now agree that the position of Earth and our Solar System has a direct effect on biology, chemistry, quantum physics, radioactivity and consciousness. When we are in the greatest alignment with galactic center, (in this 36 year cycle) our consciousness will function most efficiently in its highest forms. Hence, by moving into a more energetic area of the galaxy we may experience higher collective consciousness, greater health and possibly even changes in the way matter and energy behave. These researchers conclude that these effects are produced by a previously unknown and unseen energy source called "torsion wave energy" that moves freely throughout the galaxy. These researchers say that torsion wave energy makes up as much as 90 percent of the universe. This energy travels in twisting waves and breaks all the rules followed by the other major energies in our universe: electromagnetic, gravitational and atomic energy. Further these researchers are saying, when the Earth and Sun move into direct alignment with Galactic Center, this energy coming from Galactic Center could actually be so powerful that it can restructure our DNA. It now appears that we could rename this newly discovered energy and call it unconditional love. Actually, the frequency of torsion wave energy has been measured and it is the same frequency as that of unconditional love. A New View of the Junk DNA

It has been known for some time that we use only about 3% of our DNA and, until recently, science referred to the other 97% as our junk DNA. Scientists now say that this 97% is made up of over a million different structures know as transposons or jumping DNA. These jumping DNA structures can move from one place to another on our double helix, settle down and then totally rewrite our DNA code. What makes them jump from one place to another? There is now clear scientific evidence that torsion wave energy or unconditional love may cause these transposons to jump to a new place. According to this theory, we literally can create a new set of DNA codes with our ability to give and receive unconditional love.

Dr. Glen Rein did an interesting experiment. He extracted some undifferentiated cells from a human placenta and placed them in sealed test tubes. He then gave these tubes to people who were trained to produce strong, accurate human emotions. He found that when people felt genuine anger in the presence of these cells, the DNA molecules in the test tubes contracted and knotted up like a braid of hair. However, when they felt unconditional love, kindness, gratitude and compassion, the DNA strands would unwind. This provided a solid connection between love and torsion wave energy showing that unconditional love is the primary emotional/energetic quality that shapes our DNA molecule and causes evolution to occur.

From other research, it is known that only when the DNA unwinds is the messenger RNA capable of accessing its codes for healing the body. When you are angry, afraid, stressed, bored or depressed, your RNA codes are not accessible and your body cannot heal itself. Only when you feel unconditional love, kindness, compassion or gratitude can your body heal in a natural fashion.

I believe that my mission and that of each person is to consciously give and receive unconditional love, allowing it to flow through you and out into your relationships and community. This also means that you have to conquer duality. You cannot see things or people as good or bad. You have to learn to see those who enter your lives or events you encounter as catalysts. You will need to understand that why you have attracted them is to help you clear your energetic body so that the full power of love can flow through you.

Sometimes unconditional love is saying no or setting limits on the behavior of others. This may be necessary for us to love yourself unconditionally and empower others. Saying no with an open heart can be a great gift to others who are trying to manipulate or control you. Sometimes you inadvertently Rescue others and do for them what they can do for themselves. If you Rescue in this way, your reward will be that you get to feel like a Victim.

In any circumstance, you can think of yourself as a giver and receiver of unconditional love. In this experience, you to learn to witness the planet and all the kingdoms that live on it as a whole with self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and unconditional self-love. Even in the most difficult circumstances, you can use the force of your will to seek the highest by asking: "Where is the love I need in this moment." You can find ways to open your heart even in the darkest times. As you do this work, you are actually doing planetary work as well.You can find comfort in knowing that when you do this work you cannot help but contribute to increasing the planetary vibration as well. Even at times when you seem to have grossly mismanaged your time and energy and fall into an alienated mindset, there dwells within you a vibration that connects you with the basic energy of our Galaxy. These moments can become deeply spiritual gifts, for they help you become more humble, compassionate and conscious and loving.

Can Love Alter Our DNA

The last piece of the puzzle is that this torsion wave energy or unconditional love not only can change the DNA, but also may be the source or creator of your DNA molecules. This would raise the ultimate question of this energy being associated with God or the source of all life. The Mayans believed that we all came from Galactic Center that they called Tula and when you die you will return there. If that were the true origin of this torsion wave energy then it would make sense that everything is created by the unconditional love energy that originates from Galactic Center then your soul would then be drawn back to the source of all energy when you leave your body.

How does that happen? There are recent studies that strongly suggest that there is an energy field around the DNA molecule that some scientists have called the phantom or shadow energy of the DNA that continues to remain in place even when the DNA is removed from your body. In experiments it remained in place over 30 days after the DNA molecule was removed. These scientists are now speculating that this energy exists before the DNA is formed and is actually the creator of your DNA. I quote what David Wilcock wrote about this, I believe that the wave actually exists before the DNA; the wave exists throughout the galaxy. I realized that the only logical explanation is that the phantom energy of the DNA is actually the creator of DNA. This energy exists throughout the galaxy, and wherever the materials that can create life exist, the subtle, spiraling pressure currents of this energy will arrange the DNA molecule into existence. God is Love and Love is God.

Given all this scientific information, we have come to believe that the Kindness Campaign is an effective way to focus your love energy in ways that can benefit everyone. By recognizing the positive acts of kindness to occur in your environment, you help can change the world. By creating an environment that opens your cells and those of people around you to torsion wave energy or love, you can become a LOVEvolutionary.

How the Kindness Campaign Works

When you pledge to do an act of kindness you are given a Kindness button like the one you are wearing (In your case, your act of kindness was coming to listen to me talk today). When you wear it, you are to look for an act of kindness to occur so you can pass on your button. That person then wears the button and also passes it on. You can get another button by getting caught doing something kind, by pledging to another act of kindness or by calling the phone number on the button to order some more to pass out. We have people in the community who are serving as Ambassadors of Kindness by carrying around a pocketful of buttons to pass on. We have found when we are able to create a critical mass of individuals in a community wearing a kindness button and looking for an opportunity to pass it on it creates a collective torsion wave of energy that shifts the consciousness of the whole community. What people begin to realize is that We Are All One. It is only after you come to this realization that you can truly help make this Heaven on Earth.

When you give your button to someone to recognize his/her act of kindness there is a subtle alchemical exchange of energy that occurs. You feel good and the other person feels good. There is also a way you can see the kindness revolution in action. On the back of your button is a number and instructions about what to do after you have passed it on. You will be able to go to this web site and keep track of where your button goes after you pass it on. If you want to participate in the Kindness Revolution, you can email us at the contact information on this web site or call (828) 686-1890.

By focusing on positive, love-related thoughts that foster an open, receptive attitude, your cells will open to receive torsion wave energy. This will lead to an increase in the number of synchronicities in your life. You will find your thoughts manifesting right in front of you so quickly that will take your breath away.

The Healing Aspects of Kindness

Kindness has also been shown to heal your body and promote wellness. Researchers from the new field of psychoneuroimmunology have found that kind thoug hts, words and deeds can help you stay healthy. They found that kind thoughts have a positive effect on the body’s immune system. For, example, researchers found that your immunological resistance to the common cold is significantly increased when you do kind acts. They concluded that thinking about and doing kind acts releases endorphins that produce health benefits very similar to those achieved from exercise programs. For example, if you are regularly kind and helpful to others, you will develop a stronger immune system, improve your cardiovascular circulation, enjoy a heightened sense of well being and even live longer. They found that as little as two hours a week, or 17 minutes a day, of kind acts produce these results. Other researchers found that when you are angry or fearful, the flow of helpful endorphins is cut off by adrenalin that supports a fight, flight or freeze response. This process lowers your immune functioning and limits any of the possible health benefits of being kind. Remember what Rein found about what causes the DNA molecule to unwind or contract. It is caused by your emotions and the torsion wave energy that they create.

These benefits are available to you, if you choose to think and act in kind and loving ways toward yourself and others. You can choose to exercise your kindness muscles and live a healthier, more enjoyable and longer life or you can choose to exercise your unkindness muscles and live a less healthy, less enjoyable and shorter life. The choice is yours. I know what my choice is.

All the evidence points to the period between now and 2012 as a huge window of opportunity to get yourself ready to receive the highest frequency of torsion wave energy or love that has been produced in this galaxy for maybe the past 26 million years. This energy will support you in becoming more loving and kind or it will accelerate your negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Are you ready to receive this energy

I will close now with a poem that sums up where we are as a nation and what we need to do. It is titled, A Sleep of Prisoners by Christopher Fry.

The human heart can go the lengths of God… Dark and cold we may be, but this Is no winter now. The frozen misery Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move; The thunder is the thunder of the floes, The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring. Thank God our time is now when wrong Comes up to face us everywhere, Never to leave us till we take The longest stride of soul men ever took. Affairs are now soul size. The enterprise is exploration into God. Where are you making for It takes So many thousand years to wake… But will you wake, for pity’s sake

Key Web site: The Biology of Belief

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