water birthsBirthing positions can be a cause of developmental trauma during a child’s birth. The trauma can be prevented by using more natural birthing positions that allow the mother to squat. This is possible during underwater births, which have been practiced for since the 1970s years in France and Russia and appeared more recently in California.

Some hospitals are now installing large water tanks so that mothers can give birth underwater, which is a remarkable innovation. This procedure makes sense because a child lives in water while in the womb. Water birth is also a natural way to give birth, as it allows the mother to deliver in a squatting position.

This allows the forces of gravity and support of the water to assist in the birth process. The worst possible delivery position for a mother is on her back with her feet up in the air. In most “primitive” societies, women squat to give birth.

Waterbirth is felt by mothers and providers alike to be the gentlest of gentle births.

Warm luxurious water cradles both the mother and child and give them complete freedom to move during this profound human experience. Women who have experienced the support and comfort of water for their labors while birthing and holding their newborns in their arms speak more than any scientific article or paper on the subject.

Here’s a great video about Gentle Birth:

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