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disorganized-attachmentThe good news and bad news often show up together. I’ll start with the bad news. The research of Dr. Mary Main and her associates at UC Berkeley have been doing research on how infants form their early attachments to their parents in the first year of life. In their long-term follow-up studies with these children, they found that the attachment style infants develop in the first year of life predicts almost perfectly how they will be the rest of their life, unless some intervention occurs.

Parents, who do not understand their own early childhood history, will use the attachment style they inherited from their parents to guide them in raising their children. Main’s research shows that most people who show up for therapy because they have a disorganized attachment style. Their research indicted that this disorganized attachment style in adults is due to their unprocessed childhood trauma or grief. At first glance, this seems very fatalistic and depressing. This is saying that whatever happened to you in first year of your life determines what the rest of your life is going to be like.

The good news, however, is that this lack of resolution of childhood trauma or grief is completely treatable. Actually, it is relatively easy to help adults make sense out of their early childhood history and the effects of that history on their adult life and relationships. Due to the principle of “neuroplasticity,” (the ability of your brain and nervous system to change its wiring) the minute you make sense of your history, your brain changes in predictable ways. You are better able to integrate your left and right hemispheres and their old brain with your cerebral cortex and pre-fontal lobes.

The Freaked Out 101 Online Course Helps You Connect The Dots

The Freaked Out 101 online course helps you make sense out of your early childhood history and helps you connect the dots with what is going on in your life today. This opens you to looking at your life and relationships in a new way.

Here is what one person wrote about her experience taking the course: “I was part of the trial run of this course – and it was exceptional! I found out YES! I hold within me a certain level of FREAKED OUT responses in life- most I wasn’t aware of. Learning where they come from was eye opening and finding out how to de-freak myself was refreshing. Very much worth the investment!” Molly Lord, Educator

If you haven’t, check out the free Self-Quiz and Intro to Freaked Out 101: How Hidden Developmental Trauma Can Disrupt Your Life and Relationships. Here is the link to open the documents.

Here is the pricing schedule for the Course.

Monthly Subscription Regular Price: $39.95 x 3 months = $118.85

One Payment Full Course Regular Price = $99.95

Course Package Prices for sharing:

  • For Mental Health Professionals and their clients
  • For Individuals and their families and friends
  • For Educators, Teachers, Managers, Leaders, and Program Directors

Course Packages Price:

  • 5 user package: $495
  • 10 user package: $749 
  • 25 user package: $2475

No monthly subscription prices are available for Course Packages.

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