The Servant Leader Book Looks at the Future

Servant Leader front coverThe Servant Leader book presents a radically new approach to leadership at all levels. Drawing on ancient principles first proposed by Lao Tsu, a sixth century B.C. Chinese philosopher, the author presents a new, and refreshing look at what a future world might look like if we had more servant leaders at all levels.

The servant leader doesn’t lead by being in front of people or even behind them. The servant leader leads from within. This book shows those interested in being a servant leader how to work on themselves in order to be effective servant leaders. Anybody can be a servant leader: a dedicated father or mother who make raising their children a top priority; a volunteer who works at a non-profit or church; a business man or women who truly believes serving the customer is good business; an elected official who refuses to take PAC money to get elected. These are a few examples of where a servant leader could help change the world.

The book describes the characteristics of a servant leader and the optimal personal development of this kind of leader. The key to the self-development of the servant leader is his/her ability to create a fully individuated Self. In addition, servant leaders need to integrate both the masculine and feminine sides of their personality. These personal achievements will enable them to truly serve others, without the interference of ego or other manipulations.

The current Presidential Campaign provides a contrast in leadership to that of a servant leader. The author uses examples of policies and statements of these candidates, to illustrate that none of them meet the criteria for a servant leader.

The Servant Leader As A Social Activist

The servant leader is equipped to be a new kind of social activist, who can help overcome the obstacles to a better world. Unlike the social activists of the 60’s and 70’s, the modern servant leader, because of his/her inner focus, leads in a very different way. To become a more effective social activist, the servant leader must first overcome any internal personal and psychological obstacles that would prevent him/her from being effective. Armed with a solid personal/psychological foundation, the servant leader can then address the social, cultural, economic, political, religious, and educational obstacles to creating a better world.

The servant leader needs to change any mistaken beliefs about themselves, other people and the world around them. This includes breaking free of the Matrix beliefs that keep him/her trapped. In addition, the servant leader needs to heal any hidden developmental traumas from childhood, learn how to resolve conflicts effectively and identify any family or cultural patterns of behavior that could undermine his/her effectiveness.

The book is organized by first presenting an overview of servant leadership; what it is and what it isn’t. Then the book describes the optimal personal development of a servant leader. This is followed by a description of some of the various obstacles to overcome. After each chapter that describes obstacles, there is a chapter offering strategies for the servant leader to use as an agent of change to overcome these obstacles.

Chapter Fourteen focuses on how to become a servant leader. Chapter Fifteen, the last chapter, focuses on what the world might look like if we had more effective servant leaders change agents at all levels.

The Essential Qualities of A Servant Leader

  • Being Self-Reflective
  • Using Self-Correction Skills
  • Employing Good Listening Skills
  • Having Empathy
  • Healing of Self and Others
  • Being Aware
  • Being Persuasive
  • Utilizing Conceptualization Skills
  • Displaying Foresight
  • Having Stewardship
  • Committing to the Growth of People
  • Giving and Receiving Unconditional Love
  • Using Restorative Justice Discipline Methods
  • Building Community

 Self-Quiz: Are You Ready To Become a Servant Leader?

Directions: Place the number in front of each item that best represents your experience with that item. Key: 1 = Not at all; 2 = Occasionally true; 3 = Usually true; 4 = Most of the Time.

__1. I enjoy meeting new people.
__2. I know things without having to figure them out.
__3. I find watching television or most of the mainstream media,  including newspapers a waste of time.
__4. Stating something that I know is a lie is impossible for me.
__5. I root for the underdog, those without voices, and those who have been  trapped by the Matrix.
__6. I pick up on others symptoms or pain and feel them in myself.
__7. I get tired of taking on other people’s emotions.
__8. I turn to drugs or alcohol to try to block myself from feeling the pain of others.
__9. I am interested in becoming a healer.
__10. I see future possibilities before others do.
__11. I require more solitude than others do.
__12. I am a creative person.
__13. I get easily bored but I am quite good at entertaining myself.
__14. I have a difficult time doing things that I don’t really enjoy.
__15. I enjoy bringing the truth to light.
__16. I have trouble keeping track of time and I can get lost in what I am doing.
__17. I hate routine.
__18. I disagree with those in authority.
__19. I am kind to others.
__20. I do not enjoy being with people who are obsessed with themselves.
__21. I eat vegan or vegetarian food.
__22. I wear my emotions of my sleeve and have a hard time pretending to be happy, if I am not feeling that way.
__23. I enjoy helping others to bring out their unique gifts.
__24. I regard spirituality as an important part of my life.
__25. I place my psychological well-being on the same plane as my physical well-being.
__26. I volunteer for one or more good causes.
__27. I love nature and spend time and energy trying to take care of  my environment.
__28. I am more optimistic about my future and distrust cynical and pessimistic views of the future.
__29. I want to be involved in creating new and better ways of living for other people in the world.
__30. I can see how what happened to me as a child has affected my adult life.
____ Total Score

Interpretation of Scores:

30-60 – Very few servant leader qualities present.
61- 90 – Good servant leader potential.
91-120 – You are already there. Congratulations.

What Readers Are Saying About This Book

 “This book not only inspired me to look for the servant leaders in my community but also inspired me to look for the servant leader within myself.   I felt changed by reading this book… as if I somehow chose to step into a more powerful part of myself just by reading it.” Elaine K. Wolf, MC/LPC/PhD candidate & author

 “Trump is talking about implementing “extreme vetting” to make sure incoming immigrants share our values. If we used the values outlined in this book, Trump and most other politicians would not make it in the country, let alone be qualified as leaders. Barry’s nine-point definition of what a servant leader is should be what we base our values and votes upon. It would be a very different world, especially, if applied to other countries as well.”  Michael Holtby, LCSW, BCD

“As we move closer into the transition from leaders of the masses into shared leadership, we need a resource for taking responsibility for leading with love, compassion and empathy. Barry Weinhold’s book, “The Servant Leader” is the resource that we’ve been waiting for.” Sharon River Hansen, MA LPC

“As I continue to develop as a leader – and struggle to recognize my own long-standing limitations – Dr. Weinhold has shown me a path and process that can work in my life now. The Servant Leader is both an inspiration for me to grow beyond my own selfish agenda, as well as a practical toolkit to put this into action. And in the leadership programs I facilitate for Fortune 500 companies, I regularly witness the struggles to reach the Stage Three and Stage Four development that Barry describes – within the individuals and within their company culture.” Bob Berry, Director and Author, and the Youth Life Excellence Virtual Academy

“The Servant Leader book was a tolling of a bell.  I had heard the call many years ago and tried to apply its principles in specific areas of my life.  Barry’s book has deepened my understanding of a Servant Leader and has given me additional tools as I feel an urgency to live it more fully.” Molly Dooley, LCPC Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

“This book is a manual in how to become and raise an excellent servant leader. By following the steps in this book people can overcome years of negative patterns within their own lives and be ready to lead themselves and others to greatness. Many theories of leadership can be glorified carrot vs. whip strategies. This book, however, brings focus to the difficult but rewarding work of changing the core issues within a leader to help him/her stop negative, self-serving patterns and intuitively know how to inspire those he/she is leading. If you want to become a leader that is remembered for greatness then do the work in this book!” Larry Alwine, MA

“During these environmentally and politically chaotic days, who among us, at some point, hasn’t shaken our fist demanding, “C’mon, we certainly can do better than this!”  I find relief in this just-in-the nick-of-time book that spells out, “Yes, in order to survive-we must! And here’s what, who, and how we can answer that call.” Molly Lord, MA, Director, Tuned-In Productions

“An encouraging road map to our best selves, our best world. A clear map, complete with check points, wisdom and directions to assist the servant leader along the way. Finally, here is a voice that clarifies the dire situation that the immature human has put us all in. If you have the courage to do the work, Dr. Weinhold has illuminated the path to the solution. The Servant Leader book smartly weaves the perspectives of science, psychology and sociology presenting us with a rope to use to either hang ourselves or climb out of the abyss.” Jim Wooden,/Director, The Art of Creativity Productions, Santa Monica, CA

“As a public servant I found this book to be not only inspiring but also an invaluable road map to both life and leadership.  I now feel I am armed with the knowledge and wisdom one needs to truly be a servant leader in this Me, Me, Me world in which we live.” Ryan Bouton, GIS Analyst, City of Colorado Springs

This book is available for purchase at Amazon in both eBook and print versions. The eBook version sells for $3.99 and the print version sells for $15.

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