Ive been researching the prophesies of ancient peoples. The first place I found evidence of The Shift was in books about 2012 from those such as Jose Arguelles, Carl Calleman and John Major Jenkins who have studied the prophesies of the Mayans, Incans and Hopis . Their research into these ancient prophesies revealed very similar predictions of a great shift in consciousness as we approach 2012. The Mayan’s, who have been keeping time on Earth for 5000 years, created codices or cosmic calendars such as this one to track the timing of humanity’s passage through a great metamorphosis.

Galaxy According to the Long Count Calendar they use to measure long cycles of time, 2012 marks the close of several cycles of time.

According to the Mayans, the close of the first cycle is the completion of the Galactic Year. It takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way Galaxy to make one complete rotation in the sky.

2012 also marks the end of a 26 million year Earth cycle, a 78,000 year Earth cycle and the close of the 26,000 year Mayan Calendar.

According to the prophesies of many groups of indigenous people, 2012 appears to be the time when the odometer turns over for the entire history of humans, Earth, our galaxy, and perhaps, all of creation-the moment when all life experiences a leap that is similar to that of caterpillars becoming butterflies.

The Mayans believe that human evolution unfolds as a result of these long cycles of time. Their mystery plays myths, spiritual rites and practices re-enacted the cosmic drama created by the alignment of Earth’s sun with Galactic Center in 2012.

They described this alignment as a kind of cosmic intercourse between Father Sun and the Great Mother of Galactic Center that will birth all of creation into a new reality. Pregnancy, birth and embryogenesis were central concepts in their tradition.

Tzolkin CalendarThe Tzolkin calendar, one kind of Mayan calendar, is based on the 260-day term of human gestation. It is a harmonic representation of the 26,000-year Mayan calendar. 260 x 100 = 26,000. It appears that the Mayans used the Tzolkin Calendar to track both the evolution of an individual human and the 26,000-year Mayan calendar as a way of monitoring the evolution of the human species.

From a Mayan perspective, the time preceding December 21, 2012 Earth is making its shift into Christ Consciousness and transforming humanity into Christed Beings. This process of transformation from human to Christedness, which compares to the transformation of a caterpillar into a Monarch butterfly, is known as Ascension. While the term ASCENSION is typically used to describe human transformation, Jose Arguelles also wrote about it from a planetary perspective in his book, Earth Ascending.

From an astrological perspective, we are transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. When we look in one direction, we see the breakdown of Piscean structures based on competition and scarcity. And, when we look in the other, we see the sprouting of new Aquarian structures based on partnership principles and the sharing of resources. While this transition can cause confusion and anxiety, it represents a unique window of opportunity for us to evolve into Christed Beings.

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