Blueridge_1We offer you personal coaching retreats at our offices located in Asheville, North Carolina nestled in the foothills between the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. We live in the midst of some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. The climate and environment support the uplifting experiences of CICRCL’s personal coaching retreats.

In addition, we offer personal coaching sessions via telephone from your location using Skype if you have it. You contract with either or both of us for a specific number of hour-long sessions and pay for them through the PayPal button lower on the page.

Personal Coaching Retreats

We arrange our Retreats around your individual needs that typically include the following activities:

  • Customized program for individuals that address that person’s specific issues and objectives
  • Completing self-inventories designed to help focus our work
  • Improving your ability to create trusting relationships.
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Identifying strategies for bringing balance to your life priorities
  • Identifying and changing any self-defeating behaviors that limit your success
  • Identifying and removing any blocks to you success
  • Learning how to manage stress in your life
  • Scheduling follow-up sessions to help implement your long-range goals

Prior to the Personal Retreat:

We send you a packet of forms and self-inventories to complete and return prior to arriving for your retreat. We use these to create a plan of action for your coaching sessions. They include:

  • A “Personal Information Form” that provides a fairly extensive medical and psychological history.
  • Several self-inventories that allow you to assess your current level of physical/emotional well being.

We also ask you to read Barry’s two “Breaking Family Patterns” books, How to Identify Your Family Patterns and How To Change Your Family Patterns.

A Personal Coaching Contract that:

  • Sets goals for your work at the retreat.
  • Sets the terms of the time and cost of the retreat, and the structure for our follow-up sessions.
  • Affirms the confidentiality of your personal coaching session
  • Describes outcomes of your personal coaching sessions or retreat

A “Disclosure Statement” that:

  • Provides you with information on the coach’s training and credentials.
  • Describes your rights as a personal coaching client.
  • Reminds you of the confidentiality of the sessions, except in the special cases indicated in the “Coaching Contract.”
  • Once the signed contract has been returned along with a 50% deposit you are signed up.

A Typical Personal Coaching Retreat Is For Three-Days

We keep your daily schedule flexible and tailor it to meet your personal needs, particularly if you are switching time zones. Our retreat days are 6-8 hours long with a lunch break and morning and afternoon breaks. We use a variety of experiential and skill training techniques to help you accomplish your personal goals. Sometimes we also give you activities to work on in the evenings for the next training day.

Day One

We begin by creating a schedule of activities and reviewing the information on the forms and self-inventories that you filled out prior to your visit. We also review and refine the goals you set prior to your arrival.
 During the first afternoon, we use a variety of tools move you towards your retreat goals. You are always in charge of determining the pace of the coach sessions. We also help you identify your personal style of conflict resolution and its limitations. Depending on your history and goals, we might also use some of the following:

  • Role-playing techniques to help you practice conflict resolution skills or other relationship skills
  • Use inventories to identify patterns of ineffective communication that might be interfering with satisfaction in your relationships or on your job.
  • Identify the sources of your intractable conflicts and use experiential activities to help you resolve them.
  • Identify symptoms of post-traumatic stress that might be replaying in your life.

At the end of the first day, we will review our progress in moving towards your goals and then determine where to begin the second day.

Day Two

 This is typically when we work most intensively on your goals. We use trauma elimination techniques, role-playing exercises and in-depth training in communication and conflict resolution. We structure activities to help you identify and remove any self-defeating behaviors that might be limiting your success. You will likely feel tired but lighter at the end of this day. We may ask you to complete some activities in the evening to help clear any remaining issues on the third day.

Day Three

Here we work to complete remaining work on your retreat goals and to internalize what you’ve learned during your first two retreat days. We devote the morning to summarizing and integrating the insights from your retreat experience. In the afternoon we create a written follow-up action plan to take home with you, including a structured plan for balancing your persona and professional priorities. We will also set new short- and long-term goals that extend the work we’ve done during your coaching retreat.

The Follow-up Telephone Sessions:

This is often the most important part of your personal coaching retreat. It can be challenging to implement your retreat goals into your work and home environments. You can use the daily pressures that you temporarily left behind during your retreat as opportunities for change.

The weekly telephone or Skype follow-up sessions will provide you with important coaching support to help continue transforming your work and home environments. We will continue to review your goals weekly with you and offer suggestions for turning challenges into change opportunities as you implement your personal action plan. Should you need it, you can also reach us by phone Skype or email at times other than those that are scheduled.

Additional Coaching Sessions:

The option of doing more retreat, telephone or Skype coaching is always available. You may find it helpful to return periodically for tune-ups if you encounter new challenges that require additional tools and support.

Arranging Programs & Services

Blueridge_1_2The Personal Coaching Retreats are held at CICRCL’s office near Asheville, NC. We personally provide all services for Personal Coaching Sessions and Retreats.

Our program includes a private 1 – 3 day retreat and a series of follow-up phone calls. The program is adapted to fit the needs of each person. Travel and lodging are not included in the program fees.

Personal Coaching Fees

1-day $1,000 per coach
2-day $2,000 per coach
3-day $3,000 per coach
1/2 of balance two weeks prior to retreat date.

Remainder of balance at the end of the retreat.

Online booking deposit: $500

Phone or Skype counseling fee: $100
Surpassed our Expectations...
I learned of Barry and Janae Weinhold after a confrontation with a close relative. I went to the local bookstore and “Breaking Free of the Codependency Trap” just caught my eye because I felt like I was in a trap with my relationship. I thought it might have some tips on how I could help my relation grow up. Boy was I in for a surprise. After reading that book it wasn’t long until I had read most of the rest of their books, and then knew I had to meet them. The 3 days I spent with Barry working on personal coaching retreat started an avalanche of change in my life.
It has been four years since I first met Barry through his book. I am a 38 year old married father of three, a former Gulf War Marine, and successful executive at a Fortune 500 company. Before I met Barry I thought I was responsible for everyone, and had to maintain control. I had this constant free-floating anxiety that was driving me deeper and deeper into frustration. I had the happy well-managed act down, but it was a front.
Really, something very important was missing. I had an exaggerated sense of self-esteem. In other words, I didn’t like who I felt like I was inside, so I just built the perfect man image, and tried to live to it. Most of all, I never, never, never asked for help with anything in my life. I had learned not to really trust anyone because I knew that everyone was really in it for himself or herself. Most of all, I felt like I was going to explode from all of the emotions I choked down from every angle.
What has changed since two years ago? Well….I couldn’t begin to tell you. That is something you’ll just have to feel to believe. But here is what I can tell you. If you are thinking about reading Barry and Janae’s books, or working with one of them at a retreat, do it. Just do it. I am alive like I have never been alive before. I am working on all of the fears that I kept to myself, and kept hidden from myself for all those years.
Even after I had read Barry’s books and before I met him, I kept asking myself, “Can he really help me” I found out the answer was no. He taught me how to help myself, and how to ask for help from the right people. He taught me how to do the work I needed to do. I am at peace with the path I am on now. I’m no longer looking for the next solution because the old one didn’t work. I found the one that worked. Barry did for me what Grandfathers used to do for little boys. He pointed down a path and said, “This is the way, and I’ve been there. Don’t worry, I’m right here with you.”

S. B., St. Louis, MO

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