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Barry and Janae are authors, lifelong teachers, cosmologists, developmental psychologists and licensed mental health professionals. The Weinholds are also are devoted partners, parents of four children between them and grandparents of three.

As part of their quest for higher consciousness and their desire to understand evolution at all levels, the Weinholds have traveled extensively, lived abroad twice and studied a broad array of topics and subjects that helped them create their meta-theory Developmental Systems Theory, their clinical approach Developmental Process Work and the concept Developmental Trauma. These frameworks and concepts permeate their thinking, counseling & coaching and their writing.

The Weinholds’ Years in Colorado Springs

In 1971, Barry founded the Counseling & Human Services Program in the School of Education at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. He served many of his 30 years at UCCS as department chair and helped implement a very successful counselor education curriculum for M.A. level students.

As part of his community service work in Colorado Springs, he founded The Kindness Campaign, a community-based primary violence prevention program. He also implemented this program in 12 other cities. This program is described in under “Services” in another part of this website. In addition, he founded the Kind & Safe Schools Initiative, a character education & bullying prevention program that was implemented in many schools along Colorado’s Front Range and in 0ver 600 other schools in the US and Canada. He also helped start The First Visitor program in Colorado Springs, a home visitation program for new parents designed to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Barry was widowed in 1983 after his wife, Barbara, was killed in a skiing accident. He met newly divorced Janae in 1984 at a year-long Mystery School training led by Dr. Jean Houston. They married twice–the first time on Thanksgiving Day 1984 with their families in Colorado Springs– the second by Dr. Houston in Egypt on a trip with their Mystery School group in January 1985.

In 1987, they co-founded their nonprofit, tax-exempt institute,  the  Colorado Institute for Conflict Resolution Creative Leadership (CICRCL). Here they house their diverse array of counseling and writing interests, and their consulting and training services. CICRCL also houses their service projects: the Children’s Mental HealthProject, the Kindness Campaign, the Kind & Safe Schools Project, and ROZRADA, their international humanitarian project in Kiev, Ukraine.

Janae completed her Ph.D. in Planetary Psychology from Union Institute in 1987. She taught part-time at CU as adjunct faculty and maintained a full-time psychotherapy practice, and Barry taught full-time at the University and maintained a part-time counseling practice as a licensed psychologist. They specialized in working with individuals couples and families, many times making house calls to work with families.

love-atoryTheir teaching, counseling and training provided a living LOVEatory for their research in developmental psychology, and led to their discovery of Developmental Trauma. Eventually they were able to see developmental trauma’s impact on the evolution of individuals, couples, families, groups, cultures, nation-states and the whole human race. This research provided them with a unique theoretical framework for understanding and modifying the relational templates that hold these interlocking systems together.They call their theory, Developmental Systems Theory. They call the application of their theory, Developmental Process Work.

The Weinholds’ Life in North Carolina

After Barry retired from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs in 1991, they took time off from academia and counseling. They spent part of several winters on the west coast of Florida playing tennis and decompressing from their intense professional years. They began exploring other places they’d like to live and through a series of synchronicities, moved to Asheville, NC in 2003.

In 2008 they revised three of their print books (Breaking Free of the Co-dependency Trap, The Flight From Intimacy & Conflict Resolution: The Partnership Way), and wrote the first draft of Healing Developmental Trauma. They also completed a major revision of their website, while conducting individual and couples’ retreats and working on their CICRCL projects.

Barry is an avid tennis player and fly fisherman. Janae also swims three times a week and is an avid reader. Both are also long-time meditators, yoga practitioners and enjoy hiking, listening to live music, teaching, writing and staying current with their friends.

The Weinhold’s Return to Colorado Springs

August 1, 2014, the Weinhold’s moved back to Colorado Springs to be closer to their children and grandchildren. This move was also motivated primarily by their desire to continue to offer counseling services to the public. Both Janae and Barry are licensed in Colorado and have reestablished their private practices as counselors. They also plan to offer workshops to professionals and the general public. Their first workshop, a Writer’s Workshop, was held October 2 & 3, 2014 at their new office and classroom facility. They are planning another similar workshop in January 2015. Janae is also developing training workshops to professionals on Healing Developmental Trauma and Developmental Process Work.

What’s New With Barry & Janae

Barry & Janae’s recent website update  now offers several FREE REPORTS, posts with advice and suggestions on various topics about intimate relationships, parenting and child care, family relationships, personal growth, health and healing, and community relationships.

Barry & Janae have published over 60 books on co-dependency, counter-dependency, conflict resolution, family counseling, developmental trauma, relationships and developmental psychology. Since the fall of 2012, they published 12 new e-books through Amazon/Kindle as well as 3 new Print on Demand books through Amazon/CreateSpace.

Barry’s newest e-books include, Breaking Family Patterns: How To Identify Your Family Patterns, Breaking Family Patterns: How to Change Your Family Patterns. He also published a series of four ebooks titled the Twisted Beliefs Series. The first book in this series is titled, Twisted Beliefs: Why People Suffer From Premature Hardening of the Categories. See the Menu under “Books” for a complete description of all these books.

His latest book series is titled, The Real Men Series. These books address the long ignored and totally underdeveloped feminine and nurturing side of men. The first book in this series is titled, The Male Mother: The Missing Skill Set For Fathers.  Look under “Books” for a full description of this book and the whole series.

Janae’s newest and very personal writing was released as the Con Job Series of ebooks. The first in this series, Breaking Free of Con Artists, Sociopaths and Predators, was released in January 2013. The second and third books, How To Spot Con Artists, Sociopaths and Predators, and How To Protect Yourself From Con Artists, Sociopaths and Predators, were released later in 2013. She recently combined these books into a Print On Demand book titled, Con Job: How To Break Free From Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators.

Earlier in 2014 Barry and Janae also wrote an e-Book titled, How to Break Free Of The Drama Triangle. This book is now also available as a Print On Demand book through Amazon/ClearSpace. See a description under “Books.”

Here’s a short summary about both Barry & Janae’s professional experiences and activities:

Dr. Barry Weinhold

  • Professor Emeritus, Founder and Former Program Chair, Counseling and Human Services M.A. Program, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. 1971-2001.
  • Co-Founder, The Colorado Institute for Conflict Resolution and Creative Leadership, a 501 (c) 3 educational non profit organization in 1987.
  • Founder/Director, The Kindness Campaign, a community-based violence prevention  program in Colorado Springs and 12 other U. S. cities. 1994-2007.
  • Founder/Director, The Kind & Safe Schools Initiative, a nationally acclaimed character education program that has been adopted by 700+ schools. 1998- present
  • Co-Founder/Trainer, The First Visitor program, serving new parents in the Pikes Peak Region in 1999.  This a home visitation program is designed to prevent child abuse and neglect.
  • A United Nations Consultant during the International Year of the Family housed at the U.N. Centre in Vienna, Austria.1992-93.
  • A founding Co-Director of The Bratislava International Center for Family Studies in Slovakia.1992-93
  • Licensed psychologist since 1976.
  • Author or co-author of over 50 books and 100 articles.
  • Trainer and consultant in Conflict Resolution, Healing Developmental Trauma and numerous other topics.

Dr. Janae Weinhold

  • Former Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
  • Co-Founder, The Colorado Institute for Conflict Resolution and Creative Leadership, a 501 (c) 3 educational non profit organization in 1987.
  • Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice 1986 – 2003.
  • Since August 1 2014, restarted private practice in Colorado Springs through CICRCL.
  • Founder, trainer and consultant in CICRCL’s Children’s Mental Health Project. 2001- present.
  • Former member of the Colorado Children’s Mental Health Coalition
  • Recipient of the Women Helping Women Award – Soroptomists International, Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Professional counselor and personal mentor to numerous young(er) people around the world
  • International Trainer, Supervisor and Consultant in Practical Psychology with ROZRADA, CICRCL’s sister NGO in Kiev, Ukraine since 1994.
  • United Nations Consultant during the International Year of the Family housed at the U.N. Centre in Vienna, Austria 1992-93.
  • A founding Co-Director of The Bratislava International Center for Family Studies in Slovakia 1992-93.
  • Author or co-author of 10 books and numerous professional articles
  • Conducts workshops for professionals in Developmental Process Work.
  • Mother of two, step-mother of two and grandmother of three.
  • Currently working as part of a community coalition designed to provide better mental health services to the general public.


“If you are thinking about reading Barry and Janae’s books, or working with them on an intensive, do it. Just do it. I am alive like I have never been alive before. I am working on all of the fears that I kept to myself, and some hidden from myself for all those years. He taught me how to help myself, and how to ask for help from the right people. Barry did for me what Grandfathers used to do for little boys. He pointed down a path and said, “This is the way, and I’ve been there. Don’t worry, I’m right here with you.

S. B. Sr. Manager

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