Physicist David Bohm says that meaning links mind and matter like opposites of a coin. In other words, meaning has alchemical qualities that help fuse dualities and, therefore, advance evolution.

Morphic field Physicist Rupert Sheldrake’s work with morphogenetic fields of energy, or M-fields, help describe how the invisible world of energy organizes itself to create material worlds or realities. Chaos theory, which is based on non-linear dynamics, says that the world is not random and that it seems that way because of limited perception. Rather, it is coherent, unified and organized around unifying patterns based on values and beliefs. Paradigms that help people make meaning of their life experiences foster both psychological and spiritual growth. M-field theory is helpful for describing how underlying thought patterns and images foster the evolution of consciousness. All beliefs are M-fields that help create new realities. For example, when Sir Roger Banister broke the perceived four-minute mile barrier, he created a new M-field that reinforced the power of the field, allowing many other runners to repeat his feat. The One Hundredth Monkey fable and Alcoholics Anonymous are other examples of M-field phenomena. An M-field somehow organizes energy to create new patterns that are available throughout the invisible universe. Because the visible world is created from the invisible world of energy, it is influenced by the future. The degree to which an M-field is able to manifest itself in the material world is based on the power of the original concept itself. The higher the vibratory frequency of an M-field’s original concept, the more power it contains for manifesting itself and for advancing evolution. David Hawkins discovered that even concepts could strongly influence the human energy field. He found that some concepts weaken it and that others strengthen it. His book, Power vs. Force, plots concepts along a continuum of consciousness between 20 (shame) and 1000 (pure consciousness), and contains a useful schemata for identifying paradigms that support evolution or devolution. Using behavioral kinesiology, Hawkins showed that concepts, such as unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, advance evolution and make the physical body strong and support health, while devolutionary concepts, such as judgment, revenge and condemnation, weaken the physical body and support disease, sickness and death. Throughout humanity’s history, people such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King have aligned with strong M-fields that served as powerful organizers for advancing evolution. People such as Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler, on the other hand, aligned with concepts that caused devolution. The number of people who believe in a concept and reinforce it through their behavior determines the degree to which it influences humanity. The most critical factor in understanding evolution, however, is that higher vibrational concepts always prevail over those with lower frequencies. Throughout history most people spent a good part of their lifetimes learning to discern between high-energy and low energy concepts through many rounds of painful trial and error. Hawkins has found an easy way to discover the energy behind any concept that you wish to quickly test to see if it is high or low energy.

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