Weinholds LOVEvolution logoThe concept of LOVEvolution describes and explains how life evolves because of the presence and power of unconditional love in both the seen and unseen worlds. Our theory of  LOVEvolution says that love is the force that causes evolution. Evolution happens when any biological structure becomes so filled with LOVE that it will divide and create more cells to hold it.

The concept of LOVEvolution is based on the principle that unconditional love is a subtle or invisible energy that connects the world of spirit and the world of matter. The power of unconditional love is so strong that it helps weave together our heart-felt desires and dreams with the basic elements of the universe so that our dreams and desires manifest themselves in our lives. In other words, unconditional love serves as a kind of glue between the unmanifest world of spirit and the manifest world of matter.

LOVEvolution & Creation

LOVEvolution happens when the love between two people expands so much that they want to create something together that is outside of themselves to contain their overflowing love for each other. This might be a child or some creative project such as a beautiful home, a garden, a book, a painting or an experience such as a pilgrimage.

Energetic exchanges between humans and between humans and other living kingdoms (animals, plants, minerals, Earth) that involve unconditional love create circles of love. These circles, also known as partnering relationships, reinforce the relationship and make it stronger.

Partnering relationships containing long-term exchanges of the high-vibrational frequency of unconditional love help raise the frequency of both parties to a higher level. They also raise the vibrational frequency of those who come in contact with them directly or indirectly by reading their books, viewing videos or listening to their voices on tape.

Conversely, adversarial relational exchanges containing lower frequencies such as anger, judgment and fear, cause devolution in everyone involved in the transaction.

LOVE is a Vibrational Frequency

Our theory of LOVEvolution recognizes that all energy can be measured and assigned a frequency on a scale ranging between zero and 1000. Energy coming from anger, shame, judgment and fear, for example, all rank very low on this scale, while energy such as unconditional love ranges very high. Understanding and using this principle of vibrational energy frequencies can help you make choices about how you use your energy in your relationship with yourself and with others to either help you evolve or devolve.

Understanding LOVEvolution helps you make meaning of the experiences and events in your life. Once you understand how your relational interactions with others can either help or hinder your evolution and the evolution of others, you can consciously choose the frequency level of your transactions. LOVEvolution also helps you see that your world is not random and that it seems that way only because of your limited perception. Once you grasp the concept of LOVEvolution, you are able to perceive life and all of evolution as unified and organized around biological patterns containing specific structures, values and beliefs. In other words, LOVEvolution provides a framework and language for understanding the evolution of not only yourself, but everyone and everything around you.

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