LOVEvolution: A Heart-Centered Approach for Healing Developmental Trauma by Janae B. Weinhold, Ph.D., LPC

LOVEvolution: A Heartful Approach for Healing Developmental Trauma, is a book about love. It is written primarily for mental health professionals interested in truly understanding and healing developmental trauma. Written from a more personal “inside out” perspective, it presents a framework for identifying and healing the internal splits that happens during the first three years of life and become “soul prisons.”

LOVEvolution describes how to heal these internal splits, open our hearts, and shift to a more integrated and coherent stage of consciousness where we are connected to ourselves, to others, and to the cosmos.




Love and Evolution; An Optimal Model for Human Bonding; An Optimal Model for Human Individuation


Understanding Trauma; A Trauma Model of Bonding; A Trauma Model of Separation


The Impact of Developmental Trauma on Children’s Physical Development; The Impact of Developmental Trauma on Individuation & Development of a True Self; The Impact of Developmental Trauma on Intimate Relationships; The Impact of Developmental Trauma on Long-term Health


A Love-Based Healing Paradigm; Healing Developmental Trauma in Individuals; Healing Developmental Trauma in Couples; Therapists, Therapy and Self-Healing


Here’s what readers have to say about LOVEvolution: A Heart-Centered Approach for Healing Developmental Trauma:

Powerful!...Love your Whole Love-based Healing Model
I find your interweaving your own personal experience along with the various theoretical models very effective, and it illustrates the difference between objective linear models and subjective sensory knowing. Powerful! Your very detailed unpacking the original trauma shows the necessity for healing within the context of relationship, and beautifully expands your earlier models to a larger and higher perspective. Your realization of the primary role of the heart and bioresonance coherence, rather than CNS electrical signals or biochemistry as causative is a huge—and needed—step forward that makes clear the need for resonance based (relational) therapies rather than the usual biochemical treatments with drugs. LOVEvolution clearly identifies Love as the ‘prime mover,’ necessitating the inclusion of the spiritual/Source dimension as essential in therapeutic relationships—the vital ‘next step’ in psychotherapy. I love your whole Love-based healing model. It’s especially helpful to have it delineated in comparison to the current treatment model. Yay Janae!!

-Christine Bair, PhD, ThD, author of The Heart Field: What it is. How it works. Why it Matters.

A Game-changer...
Janae B. Weinhold has written a game-changer for psychotherapists. Reading LOVEvolution: A Heartful Approach for Healing Developmental Trauma will likely answer all your questions about what is developmental trauma, how to recognize its pervasive behavioral and emotional symptoms, and what helps a person genuinely heal from its insidious life-long impact. Without a doubt, this book will change how you relate to your clients, your children, and your own True-Self!

– Sandra Felt, LCSW, author of Beyond the Good-Girl Jail: When You Dare to Live from Your True Self.

A Book to Encourage Healing...
LOVEvolution is a book that I wish I could give to every newly committed couple, every teen exiting foster care, every family experiencing relationship problems, and most of all to every therapist. This book takes research from trauma experts such as Bessel van der Kolk and Dan Siegel, years of research from many sources on psychosocial development, research on the physical body’s response to stress, and the research that Janae Weinhold and her partner Barry have done themselves on the effects of trauma to the developing mind and body. The result is a book that beautifully describes the ideal stages of development for a person, couple, family or group; then the common difficulties in development brought about by different kinds of trauma; and finally how to heal from trauma and guide others in doing so… Most importantly, Janae Weinhold focuses on the importance of therapists owning and healing their own traumatic experiences, and provides a framework for this direction as a strength, not a weakness… It is this encouragement to heal and use that healing in reaching out to others combined with the developmental focus that makes this book and approach so much stronger and more effective for many survivors of trauma in the world today.

– Allie Lubhar, MA, Counselor and Advocate

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