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Our Journey to Break Free of the Matrix

This journey began because of a desire to experience deeper meaning in our individual and couple life experiences. We started with recovering our developmental histories, and spreading out in an ever-widening circle that eventually encompassed recovering the history of the cosmos.

Breaking Free MatrixEach step in our journey required feeling deep emotions and releasing many of the long-held beliefs, fantasies and illusions that held our realities together. Each time a new truth shattered the illusions of the Matrix penetrated our beings, we experienced a deconstructing of our world-view and a reconstructing of what we perceived as true and real. We soon realized that this path is for spiritual warriors, as it repeatedly called up courage from the seat of our souls.

With each reconstruction, however, came an accompanying sense of being freed–like Gulliver. We snipped the minute threads of misinformation, misperception and sometimes outright, bald-faced lies that have bound us. Coming to grips with these shadow aspects has been physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually intense.

During our journeys of discovery, we had many aha’s as we discovered the patterns that connected all of our experiences. Gradually, we were able to find deeper meaning in our life experiences in ways that opened us to unity consciousness.

How To Recognize the Matrix

There are other ways to recognize the Matrix and how it operates in your life. Usually there is some attempt to repress our aliveness and freedom. First it emphasizes group or mass consciousness while limiting and controlling individual consciousness. In order to break free of this repression, you may need to start by redefining words like freedom.

For most people the word freedom conjures up images of a struggle against some force that restricts us in some meaningful way. It also can mean to be free from responsibility. Both these definitions keeps our attention externally focused and keeps us imprisoned in a dungeon of our own making.

True freedom comes from within and that requires us to find our own truth and then be able to make decisions based on that inner truth to guide our lives. The Matrix clearly does not support this definition of freedom.

Psychological Repression & The Matrix

In addition there are many other psychological signs of repression. The biggest one is avoiding emotional pain. If we are suffering from a physical or emotional pain of any kind,  the media (advertising and our medical system) urges us to take a pill to eliminate the pain.

This also extends to being encouraged to tuning out painful information, so we are not allowed to see picture of our soldiers wounded in the Iraq War or the body bags of those who have died. We are even discouraged from any public ceremony such as a memorial service for a veteran who was killed in the war.

The desire to avoid despair is the major barrier to breaking free of the Matrix. We become numb to the horrors and the overwhelming suffering we see around the world and to the damage that we have done to the planet. Those under the spell of the Matrix feel free to express the despair that they feel inside of them, so they remain frozen and unable to correct the injustices and violence all around them.

Telling Your Truth

Most of us of us have been taught through “emperor has no clothes experiences” not to speak your truth or express your true feelings. Eventually you may distrust your ability to recognize the truth contained in your feelings and to even feel guilty for even having such feelings! You think that there is something wrong with you because no one else is feeling or expressing these things.

We learn that expressing our feelings cause distress in others and makes us appear weak and emotional. So we create a False Self and do or say things that they approve of in order to get along with others. This leaves us feeling powerless and unable to act on our own behalf.

The matrix also has characteristic signs of social repression that contribute to social violence. The media reinforces this by conditioning people to violence. The fear of the social violence is causing increased social isolation. People become afraid to go out in public and stay in their locked houses because they believe they could become victims of random violence. Many of the young people in this country feel alienated from older generations and cut off from their true feelings, which makes them more easily manipulated by advertising and propaganda.

Rather than informing people about the true condition of the world, corporate advertising distracts us and encourages us to consume more and more. Schools participate in the dumbing down process by punishing intellectual curiosity and rewarding intellectual conformity. This trains them to become docile, loyal servants in the corporate economic system. There is also increased polarization and scapegoating of minorities or anyone who dares to be different. Bullying and put-downs at school condition students for similar kinds of efforts to control individual differences in the work place.

The Matrix also uses economic repression to control people. Low wages and outsourcing higher paying jobs keeps people scrambling to pay their bills, causing economic and psychological stress on families. The Matrix reduces labor unions power and effectiveness by using legislation that prevents them from bargaining for higher wages and better working conditions. This supports corporate interests and the exploitation of employees, who eventually burn out from over work.

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