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How freaked out are you? If you are like most people, probably more than you would like. If you want to know why, read this blog. After writing and publishing 53 books, I’ve taken a different approach to helping people and launched my first online course. Freaked Out 101How Hidden Developmental Traumas Can Disrupt Your Life and Relationships is designed to help average people understand what causes them to freak out in certain situations and around certain kinds of people.

Freaked Out #2

This course will help your clients connect the dots between hidden early developmental traumas and the disruptions they might be experiencing in their current life and relationships. Our research shows that about 90 percent of adults have some hidden developmental trauma that is disrupting their lives in some important ways.

The ACE study, which conducted research on adults who had “adverse childhood experiences,” found this group had a greater risk of cancer, addictions, diabetes, stokes or depression. The greater the number of ACEs, the higher the risk. For example, four ACEs caused a 50 percent greater risk of heart disease than those with no ACEs.

How Freaked Out 101 Can Help Your Clients

The Introduction to the Freaked Out 101 course will give your clients a taste of online learning. It can be used as an adjunct to therapy and assigned as “homework” to help clients discover the underlying causes of their current problems.

  • Once clients identify the underlying causes of their current problems, they are able to change their perceptions, feelings, beliefs and behaviors more quickly.
  • Freaked Out 101 can help clients connect the dots between happened to them in early childhood and the current problems they are having in their lives and relationships that they are bring to therapy.
  • Once they are able to connect the dots between past and present, clients are less likely to “freak out” about freaking out.
  • Most people don’t remember adverse childhood experiences, or they’ve created a story that “normalizes” their past. They don’t understand the long-term impact of unhealed early childhood  traumas or unresolved conflicts on their adult life. Freaked Out 101 helps clients see the connections between their past and the distresses they face in current life situations.
  • Freaked Out 101 makes an ideal focus for a therapy group where members can share the experiences they are having while working their way through the course.

Here’s the link to a free Self-Quiz and a 30 minute Introduction to my online course. The feedback from field-testing the course was overwhelmingly positive. Several said that the course, “…changed my life.” You can’t get any better feedback than that.

We use this course as a helpful pre-therapy tool with our clients to prepare them for our therapy work. We typically work with our individual or couple clients on a 3-6 session contract, and find this is sufficient time to help them shift them to a higher level of functioning. By the end of our contract, they have been able to reach their initial goals .

You Are Invited to . . . .

  1. Take the Self-Quiz and score it. This will help you determine if you might have some hidden developmental traumas that cause you to freak out at times.
  2. View the Freaked Out 101Intro to the course and send me your feedback. What did you think of the course? Did it help you understand more about why people freak out?
  3. Forward the link to this article to other professionals in your network who you think might be interested in or benefit from Freaked Out 101
  4. Invite people in your network to view it and then forward it to others who might be interested in the course.
  5. Check out our Freaked Out No More Website for more information and resources.

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