Families are society’s foundation because they provide a template for all other relationships. Here we learn about ourselves, about others, and about how the world works. Families create a relational structure or model that we use for the rest of our lives, particularly in parenting our own children.

This part of our website contains many effective tools to help you create more intimate family relationships and to identify and clear dysfunctional family-of-origin patterns. Here you’ll learn how to use family crises involving divorce, addictions and other live-altering experiences as “wake-up” calls and turn them into opportunities for truly breaking these family patterns and changing your life.

Parents fighting in front of childrenChildren who grow up in families with conflicted parents are quite likely to experience dysfunctional parenting. On child often suffers more emotionally than the others, and acts out this inner pain a role known as the “identified patient.” This child often becomes the family scapegoat.

While we believe in and practice psychotherapy, we found that conscious, committed adult relationships are the best place for healing these kinds of unresolved family issues. We believe it is also the most effective place for changing dysfunctional relational dynamics anchored in your family-of-origin.

We also know that close, committed couple relationships are the best places break free of dysfunctional family-of-origin patterns. In order to do this, however, parents and must have outside support. It truly does “take a village to raise a child.” And “village support” has slowly disappeared as families leave their roots and scatter across the country, even the planet.

We dream of helping people create “families of choice” to help fill this void. The information, tools, skills and relational support we share here will help you in this very important effort.

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