DPW and Epigenetics

DPW’s scientific foundation fills a theoretical gap in the field of epigenetics. Now one of the most active areas of scientific research, epigenetics looks at how relational environments influence the activity of genes. The science of epigenetics works with electromagnetic forces, molecules and fields of vibrating energy. It also uses language from quantum sciences such as energy medicine, biology and psychology computing to help explain how certain kinds of phenomena happen.

Bruce Lipton’s Research in Epigenetics

Bruce LiptonEnvironmental factors than influence how genes express themselves. For example, genes react to exposure to toxic chemicals, shock, trauma and stress. The human environment, as defined by Bruce Lipton, begins before conception, and continues throughout the lifespan. Consciously or unconsciously, Lipton says, parents serve as genetic engineers for their children. Toxic, stressful environments produce children that are quite different from children who live in environments filled with love and harmony.

Children raised in stressful, toxic environments are much more likely to experience life on the Trauma Track of development, while those who live in loving and harmonious environments are more likely to experience the LOVEvolution track of development.

Developmental Process Work & Epigenetics

From an epigenetics perspective, DPW emphasizes the importance and healing power of the client-therapist relationship. We believe that this is the primary factor that helps clients reshape the genetic blueprints set at the time of their conception. The client-therapist relationship can also help heal any damage caused by clients’ life experiences that involved developmental shock, trauma and stress.

Modifying clients genetic blueprints involves them consciously changing their cellular perception of early relational trauma in
ways that repattern the activity and expression of their genetic blueprints. This therapeutic process provides clients with a master key to unlock the mindbody mechanism by which their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs create the health conditions of their mindbody and their past experiences of interacting with their social, relational and energetic environment.

DPW and Energy Medicine

Traditional energy medicine modalities such as acupuncture and qi gong and Reiki focus on healing through the body. DPW’s primary focus is healing through the therapist-client relationship. DPW trained clinicians learn to replicate the same face-to-face, brain-to-brain, heart-to-heart attunement found in optimal experiences of mother-child interactions.

Drawing on the work of Alan Schore, DPW-trained clinicians first learn how to experience this attunement in the client role to heal their own developmental shock, trauma and stress. Once they are able to experience and sustain this field, they learn to create and sustain it with clients to help them also heal their developmental shock, trauma and stress.

DPW’s primary goal is to help clients shift from the Trauma Track of development to the LOVEvolution track. This process involves having clients identify and resolve internal and/or interpersonal recurring or intractable conflicts that contain the hidden effects of shocking, traumatic, or stressful experiences from the first 3 years of life. We describe many of these tools in our book Conflict Resolution: The Partnership Way (Weinhold & Weinhold, 2009).

DPW also emphasizes the role of the clienttherapist relationship as a major component in helping clients shift from the trauma track to the LOVEvolution track. This is because the very early events involving shock, trauma, and stress originate with the motherchild relationship.

For this reason, the therapeutic environment must be very safe, emotionally supportive, and build trust-build. This helps clients can reprocess both the biological and psychological components of their developmental shock, trauma, and stress.

Therapists must have cleared enough of lingering effects of their own developmental shocks, traumas, and stresses in order to create a strong and healthy energetic field of therapeutic energy. Then they are able to interact with clients from an empathic, heart-centered space. It is possible for clients to fully experience the unconditional love that is part of the LOVEvolution track.

In this empathic and loving therapeutic crucible, clients are able to identify their unhealed developmental shocks, traumas, and stresses and resolve the intractable conflicts associated with them. Then clients are able to complete any essential developmental processes not completed in the codependent and counterdependent stages of early childhood. Most importantly, clients are able to experience the energetic resonance of a healthy, conscious relationship while they are doing their deep therapeutic work.

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