DT-bookDevelopmental trauma has become a controversial topic in the mental health profession, contributing to a growing rift between clinicians and academicians. The controversy centers on the impact of relational trauma during children’s first three years of life.

What Is Developmental Trauma?

Developmental trauma refers to childhood relational trauma involving abuse, neglect or abandonment by parents and other adult caregivers.  Clinicians say that developmental trauma has deep and long-lasting effect on child development that contributes to illnesses and degenerative diseases in adulthood. Clinicians base their opinion on their work “in the trenches,” where they see a steady stream of clients whose problems clearly stem from early relational trauma. Their experiences as clinicians, particularly those working with young children, say that developmental trauma is a real source of human suffering.

Academicians, researchers and some psychiatrists say that the impact of this early relational trauma is negligible, and only a part of the diagnostic and treatment picture. This group is not actively involved in developing empathic relationships with clients, so they are somewhat removed from the suffering caused by adverse childhood experiences.

This book examines the historical factors that have caused this professional controversy, and how it is provoking a game-change in the way that mental health professionals conduct their practices.

Why Is Developmental Trauma A Game-Changer?

This book also examines the personal impact of developmental trauma, and how it can become a life game-changer. Rather being a self-fulfilling prophesy for pain and suffering, developmental trauma can become a catalyst for personal transformation and meaning-making.

Recent research indicates that one’s beliefs about stress, not stress itself, determines whether it is positive or negative. This book helps readers change their beliefs about stress, and reframe the concept of developmental trauma into developmental growth. This perspective empowers readers towards intrapsychic integration and personal transformation.

Here’s what readers have to say about this book:

A Must-Own Book for Competent Therapists...
Developmental Trauma: the Game Changer in the Mental Health Profession, is a must read for competent mental health professionals! Barry and Janae are very clear on the subject of developmental trauma.  They feel that “the long-term effects of developmental traumas caused by childhood abuse and neglect as the single most important public health issue in this country.”  And I couldn’t agree more.

Toni Rahman, LCSW
Author, Boundaries 101 & Being in My Body

A Must-Read...
Developmental Trauma: The Game Changer in the Mental Health Profession skillfully describes how trauma and neglect during the first three years of life can seriously hinder the development of a person’s true self and limit a person’s skills for relating to others—and it provides essential treatment solutions. A must-read to become a competent trauma-informed professional.

Sandra Felt, LCSW
Author, Beyond the Good-Girl Jail: When You Dare to Live from Your True Self

“Wow! Clear, strong, and packed with comprehensive powerful information for a new level of mental health knowledge and impact. Get ready!”

Valerie Montgomery, BSW, MA, NCC, LPC Women-Centric Counselor at BeyondBeautiful.net

A Must-Read...
Developmental Trauma: The Game Changer in Mental Health Profession is a must read for counselors, advocates, and first responders providing services from a trauma informed perspective. The Weinholds present several insightful points that help the reader to ask and understand the question “what happened or didn’t happen to you?” Instead of “What’s wrong with you?” It is also culturally sensitive and can be adapted for use with any culture. I have found this to be true in working with the Latino community, especially DV, SA and CSA survivors.

Carmen Gutiérrez,
Bilingual MA Mental Health Counselor and Advocate

An Excellent Primer...
Developmental Trauma: The Game Changer in the Mental Health Profession is an excellent primer for mental health practitioners new to the profession and wanting to learn more about human development, trauma, and attachment theory to enhance their professional and clinical skills. It also provides foundational information about developmental trauma, particularly how it correlates with early childhood development, and how it can be healed through process work. Additionally and significantly, it also describes the evolution in understanding of developmental trauma and its critical role in today’s clinical practice.

Michelle M. Morrissey, MA, NCC, LPCC

A Must-Read...
Developmental Trauma: the Game Changer in the Mental Health Profession, is a must read for every mental health professional and anyone who has lived through developmental trauma. This book has validated not only my professional experience, it has also validated my life experience!

E.K. Wolf, MC, LPC
Author, After Incest: From Devastation to Vibrant Aliveness

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