Health & NutritionYour Health and the related posts below contain information about how we maintain our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This part of our website features some of the evolutionary health resources that we’ve used to shift our consciousness and have supported us in healing ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Who Is Your Primary Medical Provider?

When people ask us, “Who is your primary medical provider?” we reply, “We are!”

Over the years, sometimes out of necessity, we sought our own effective health products and alternative medical providers and resources because we often felt preyed upon by traditional practitioners of Western Medicine. Too many times we felt as though these practitioners were recommending too many tests we didn’t want or need so that they could find some “condition” that they could prescribe expensive supplements or justify even more tests.

It was really as a defensive measure that we decided to listen to our MindBody and become our own primary healthcare providers. Based on our inner guidance and knowing, we choose our practitioners carefully and only worked with those who allow us to remain in charge of our health decisions.

We currently work with alternative health providers, including an integrative physician, multiple body workers acupuncturists, and others who use alternative and complementary health methods. We get regular blood work and other diagnostic measures to assess our health baselines.  Our self-care program includes nutritional therapy, ionic footbaths, therapeutic massage, energy medicine and high-tech diagnostic tools. In addition, we do daily yoga and meditation to help manage our stress.

We also have an elliptical machine in our home to help us keep fit, and we see a biological dentist who understands that”mouth health” is central to overall health. We have had our amalgam fillings removed to improve our overall health. Most of the nutritional supplements we use are pharmaceutical grade, which also help keep our bodies in balance and manage our stress very carefully.

Our Self-Healing Journeys

holistic healthIn a related post, we share about our journeys of self-healing. Barry talks about healed himself of cancer twice by using holistic, alternative, and complementary medical practices. Janae shares about how she healed her developmental trauma that had plagued her for years using many of the tools you will find in our newest book, Healing Developmental Trauma.

We are also excited to share our own mind body paradigm and some of the leading edge research about the connections between conflict, shock, trauma, and stress, and degenerative health conditions that appear in the mind body. Much of this information is not readily available in the U.S.

We stopped referring to degenerative physical conditions as “diseases” once we understood how the MindBody responds to shock, trauma and stress, and is able to naturally and spontaneously heal itself. After reading what we share here on this site, you may find it difficult  to believe in the disease model any more.

Healing Developmental Trauma has a whole chapter on our research, and you’ll find excerpts of it here on this page and parts of this website.

Below we share many of the self-healing secrets that have helped us stay healthy. We hope that these resources will help shift your own consciousness and encourage you to take charge of your own health. You’re welcome to copy any of this information for your own use. If you are going to use it for other than your own health, please give us credit for the materials.

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