New CR book cover tinyThis experiential Conflict Resolution Training teaches you how to resolve three different kinds of relationship conflicts: conflicts of wants and needs, values and beliefs and intractable conflict that recycle in your relationships.

The content for this conflict resolution training is drawn from Barry & Janae Weinholds’ book, Conflict Resolution: The Partnership Way.  It is grounded in Barry and Janae’s groundbreaking developmental theory of conflict resolution, Developmental Systems Theory. They bring to this workshop over 28 years of research, personal experience and professional work as teachers, counselors and trainers.

Practical Skill Training

Barry and Janae provide you with practical break-through skills for self-reflection, self-correction and compassionate communication that help you learn to:

  • Embrace conflict as an opportunity for growth rather than something to avoid.
  • Experience resolving conflict as a deeply transformative experience that can totally change your life and your ability to build sustainable relationships.

How The Partnership Way Works

The Partnership Way” of resolving conflicts opens you to personal and profound experiences of transformative living. In this powerful workshop, Barry and Janae provide a safe place to experience compassionate and heart-full intimacy.

This training will also help you understand the limitations of your personal style of conflict resolution and learn how to change and expand it. You will also learn how to effectively resolve three kinds of conflict: conflicts of wants and needs, conflicts of values and beliefs and intractable conflicts that recycle in your closest relationships.

embrace conflictThe Partnership Way of conflict resolution will help you embrace conflict and use it as a relational resource that deepens their emotional connection and advances their consciousness. The “Partnership Way” uses developmental wounds from early childhood as a resource for resolving conflict in ways that help you experience more intimacy in your relationships.

The Partnership Way of relationship conflict resolution emphasizes the role of developmental trauma in creating conflicts, particularly the intractable ones. It also stresses the need to clear developmental trauma from your nervous system in order to stop the unconscious reenactment of behavior patterns via post-traumatic stress disorder.

We’ve found that people often project their internal conflicts onto others, particularly their partners, co-workers or bosses. This kind of unconscious projection is also responsible for  creating collective conflicts that emerge as wars. Here people project hidden or unwanted parts of themselves onto another religious or ethnic group or onto a nation-state. Rather looking inward, people make these groups or nations a “the enemy” and see the source of the problem.

The Partnership Way & Developmental Systems Theory

The Partnership Way of relationship conflict resolution is based on an evolutionary meta-theory we call Developmental Systems Theory. It shows how unhealed developmental trauma impacts the growth of individuals, couples, families, groups & organizations, nation-states and the human species. Developmental trauma not only blocks people’s ability to give and receive unconditional love, it also stops human evolution.

We believe that unconditional love is the force that moves humans forward in both their personal development and their spiritual evolution. When people are able to give and receive love–to experience empathy, compassion and unconditional love–they move forward in their evolution. We call this process LOVEvolution.

Weinholds LOVEvolution logoWhen people are unable to give and receive unconditional love they not only get stuck in their evolution, sometimes they actually devolve into psychopathy and other forms of social and psychological pathology. They become con artists, sociopaths and predators who live outside the framework of civilized society.

LOVEvolution also recognizes the value of devolutionary experiences as opportunities to clear traumas, wounds and karmic patterns. While not always pleasant, these experiences are an integral part of LOVEvolution.

Who Should Attend This Training

This workshop-style training is designed for individuals and couples who are struggling with conflictual relationships at home and/or at work. You will learn practical skills for identifying the causes of your conflicts and skills to help you resolve them. This training is also very useful for counselors or other mental health practitioners, supervisors, ministers, medical personnel, government workers, mediators, attorneys or others who work with conflictual clients or employees. If you want us to offer this workshop to your specific group, we can tailor the content of the workshop to the needs of your group.

Length of  The Training

Comprehensive trainings are typically one or two days, with shorter versions available upon request. Your organization may also organize a training and bring us in to conduct it. We also organize and conduct these Conflict Resolution Trainings through our Institute. Future plans include offering this training in an online webinar format.

Cost of the Training

The cost varies with the length of the training and the size of the group being trained. Email Janae or Barry for specific costs or to receive updated information on any future trainings. Or sign up for our newsletter to get announcements of upcoming trainings.

Sample Training Agenda: One-Day Training in Conflict Resolution

TimeTopicTeaching Method
9:00-9:20 amIntroductions - Who are you, why are you here and what do you want?Group Sharing
9:20-10:00Overview of WorkshopPower Point Presentation
10:00-10:30Identifying Your Personal Style or CR Self-Inventories - Fill out self-inventories and score them. If time permits, talk briefly to a partner. (what surprised you? Which style do you use most frequently? How addicted to adrenaline are you?)
10:30-10:45MORNING BREAK
10:45-12:00Resolving Conflicts of Wants & Needs & Third-party Mediation Skills - Skill Practice & Discussion - Break into groups of three and follow the instructions of the work sheet.
12:00-1:30 pmLUNCH BREAK
1:30–2:00Centering and Emotional Re-regulation in a ConflictSkill Practice & Discussion
2:00-2:30Changing Personal Beliefs - Skill practice & Discussion - Read the handout, pair off and do the skill practice exercise taking turns.
2:30-3:00TET to heal trauma/conflicts - Read the handout with the protocol and do a group demonstration how to works.Demo & skill practice
3:15-4:15Demo & Skill Practice
4:15-4:45Resolving Intractable conflicts - Go over the handouts on Resolving Conflicts/Traumas at their source. Talk about application using Worksheets # 4 & # 5.Group Discussion
4:45-5:00Evaluation & Adjournment
Janae and Barry, you are my mentors and great teachers. I was trained by you. I am  proud of you. I want to be part of the great and powerful work you both are doing to help, support and bring the light to humanity. I love you both profoundly.
Alexander Daniel Counselor/ consultant/ trainer, Barbados, Caribbean

Can’t attend the training? Buy the Book!

Conflict ResolutionConflict Resolution: The Partnership Way, presents a developmental paradigm for identifying and resolving three kinds of conflict. Based on Developmental Systems Theory, combined text/workbook format is a self-healing workshop in itself. This 2nd edition of Conflict Resolution: The Partnership Way is the product of more than 20 years of research, it presents Barry & Janae Weinholds life-changing, consciousness-shifting paradigm for resolving conflicts in all human systems. It contains many written exercises help personalize the information. Click here to see this book’s Table of Contents.

Conflict Resolution: The Partnership Way is designed to use conflicts as a means for shifting your consciousness so that you can move forward in your evolution. It shows you how to use conflict to transform yourself, your relationships and your life. The book will help you identify your “developmental traumas” that might have happened from before birth through the first three years of life, and connect them to present-day intractable conflicts.

336 pp. – $65.00 + $7.00 shipping

More info on:  Conflict Resolution: The Partnership Way.

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