The Breaking Free Matrix Series uses the Matrix movie as a metaphor and framework for understanding how much of our world is illusion. The defining moment In The Matrix film is when Morpheus offers Neo a choice between taking the red pill and the blue pill. Morpheus tells Neo that taking the red pill promises “the truth, nothing more.”

matrixNeo decides to take the red pill and suddenly he awakens to a reality that is utterly different from anything he could have expected. What Neo thought was reality turned out to be a collective illusion fabricated by a Matrix mainframe computer and fed to a sleeping humanity, cocooned in grotesque embryonic pods.

Rather than a computer creating our illusionary Matrix, a small group of very wealthy, powerful international citizens use the corporate media to weave a false reality. This conglomerate of con artists control and manipulate the mass consciousness in ways that seem similar to the Matrix films. Throughout history, this group has chosen political and religious leaders to help sell us this fabricated reality embodying their lies. This elitist group also uses their fabricated to benefit their families, organizations and corporations.

Like Neo, we were unaware of the reality matrix when we began our own search for truth. We had vague and uneasy hunches that what we were observing was not what it seemed to be. So we began an exhaustive seven-year period of research to determine what was true about what we perceived and what was not.

Our Personal Journeys For Truth

As criteria for believing information we found during our research, we looked for cross-validation from three independent sources. We were cautious in our research, and looked for sources that didn’t cross-verify each other’s research. This step was very important, because we discovered that much of the matrix was created by people disseminating disinformation that was subsequently cited by others in order to make it appear valid.

Out of our research, we identified six levels of “knowing” about our individual and collective matrix that we searched for “the truth, nothing more.” We organized our research into these six areas and then wrote this six-part series of Matrix books. While we document our sources and research done between 2000 and 2007, some of them may be outdated, and some of the links to our online sources may be inactive. So we encourage you to read these books with an open mind, take everything that we share with a grain of salt, and then do your own investigative research.

E1bfmdevhistoryBreaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering your Developmental History
(Janae B. Weinhold and Barry K. Weinhold, 2008)

This ebook focuses on learning the importance of your pre-natal development and your birth experiences in creating your personal matrix. The next step is understanding how your family-of-origin participated in programming you with Matrix patterns. Family-of-origin patterns are hardwired into you by the age of three and create what is known as the internal working model of reality. Unless you recognize how these early programs were created and how they shaped your development, you will continue to be controlled by them in your adult life, and ultimately pass them on unexamined to the next generation. In our other books and ebooks, you’ll find many tools and resources to help you recover the truth about your developmental history.

$6 / 35 pages – in .pdf format eBook

E1bfmdevhistoryBreaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering your Religious History
(Janae B. Weinhold and Barry K. Weinhold, 2008)

Recovering your religious history is an extension of the programming you got from your family of origin. It is the next larger influence outside of your family of origin. Any distortion in what you were taught prevents you from breaking free of the Matrix, so you need to identify exactly which values and beliefs from your religion and culture keep you trapped in the matrix.

$6 / 54 pages in .pdf format eBook

E3bfmnationalBreaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering your National History
(Janae B. Weinhold and Barry K. Weinhold, 2008)

Creating a false and misleading history of one’s country is an excellent way to preserve the Matrix. Those who wrote American history books and then taught this distorted history to trusting students intentionally excluded parts of that history that provide people with inspiration and hope of liberation. While American history books point to our ideals of freedom and justice, in reality people discover that there are serious restrictions limiting the achievement of these ideals. They become disillusioned or cynical and hopeless to ever change the conditions that block them from finding more freedom and equal justice. As a result, they are easily manipulated and controlled.

$6 / 51 pages in .pdf format eBook

E4bfmatrixearthBreaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering Earth’s History
(Janae B. Weinhold and Barry K. Weinhold, 2008)

This is our home, yet we have been influenced by myths about Earth’s creation and evolution that are not true. In order to break free from the Matrix, it is important to understand know this very amazing truth about Earth’s history and evolution.

$6 / 32 pages in .pdf format eBook

E5bfmatrixhumanspeciesBreaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering the History of the Human Species.
(Janae B. Weinhold and Barry K. Weinhold, 2008)

While there is a considerable amount of accurate information available about the history of the human race, it is not available to the average person. Life on Earth is much older than most people think. Much of this pre-history about ancient civilizations can be found in the traditions of indigenous people.

$6 / 25 pages in .pdf format eBook

E6bfmatrixsoul Breaking Free of the Matrix: Recovering the History of Your Soul
(Janae B. Weinhold and Barry K. Weinhold, 2008)

Recovering journey of your soul through many lifetimes requires some deep soul-searching work. The Matrix, through our family, religion, culture and nation encourages us to believe that this is our only lifetime. To go beyond this program requires the leap of faith that recognizes the soul is not is limited to one lifetime and one body.

$6 / 42 pages in .pdf format eBook

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