About the Con Job Book Series:

This series of three mind-stretching books are written for people who give life—people who are innocent, naíve, trusting, gullible and naturally loving. These are the people who make perfect targets or marks for con artists.

Janae writes these books out of her personal experiences with con artists, sociopaths and predators. Surrounded by predators as a child, Janae had many up-close-and-personal experiences with both men and women who preyed on children and saw “conning” as a natural part of life. As a result, she has a well-developed bullsh*t detector  that she drew on in researching this book series.

Janae’s personal experiences turned her into a ruthless Warrior for Truth and Seeker of the Shadow. For almost 15 years she has been on a search to know the difference between what is real and what is illusion. These books are an extension of Breaking Free of the Matrix ebook series, sold in the bookstore here at weinholds.org.

  • Book One in the series gives an overview of the subject and presents a lens for viewing “deviant” people.
  • Book Two looks at all the places where con artists, sociopaths & predators hide and tells how to spot them.
  • Book Three looks at what makes people become con artists, why you might attract con artists in your life, and how to protect yourself from them.

In this video, Janae talks about why she wrote these books and about her decision to “get smart” rather than be a victim. Janae’s books can help you make this same shift in thinking so that you can break free of the tangled web of family secrets and cultural lies with which you grew up.

Con Job Series Book One: Breaking Free of Con Artistis, Sociopaths & Predators

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Con Job ebook series by Janae WeinholdThis book gives an overview of “life-taking” people who operate as con artists, sociopaths and predators. It presents a simple framework for understanding these complicated people. It uses the Avatar movie as a framework for understanding the differences between Life-Giving and Life-Taking.

This “101 introductory” book helps you recognize Life-Takers in a way that isn’t filled with judgments and “bad-making.” It also helps you understand why your niceness and “life-giving” may be perceived as a weakness and make you an ideal “mark.”

Breaking Free of Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators will help you if you:

  • Are softhearted, caring and sometimes gullible
  • Love kids & animals
  • Avoid and despise violence
  • Attract people who steal your heart or use you
  • Often try to fix broken or wounded people
  • Would rather “get smart” rather than be a victim
  • Want a con artist-free life
  • Wish to be free of illusions and being sucked into con jobs
  • Want to use the dilemmas to help you become more self-aware

Dear Barry and Janae,

I am very impressed with Janae’s new book. This book will help me in the work I do with humanity. So many unsuspecting persons are being preyed on by people who are experts at the con job. This is the bible that is needed to help and guide persons understand the traumatic effect that the behavior of con people could have on their lives. It is a book that should be read and reread. This is a powerful asset that provides the tools to equip persons with the necessary resilience to remove the facade of the con job and helps expose the manipulative, deceptive and controlling behaviors of con people. Excellent team work as usual!

Congratulations Janae! Congratulations Barry!

Alexander Daniel Counselor/ consultant/ trainer, Barbados, Caribbean


Loved it, thought it was really great!
Janae makes it quick and simple to understand such a complex dynamic.
Her use of the Avatar movie as an example helps to give a vivid mental picture.
Wow, I feel like I got soooo much in such a short time.
Was given new insight into my relationships and vulnerabilities.
Plus, is a fun read while being very serious.
I enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the second book in the series.

Red Robin

Con Job Series Book Two: How To Spot Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators

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how to spot con artists, sociopaths & predatorsBook Two takes an in-depth look at institutional, relational and environmental con artists It also looks at a special group of predators known as the Global Elite, and examines their influence on the history and development of the U.S.

Here’s a checklist that you can use to help you spot con artists, sociopaths & predators.

Book Two will help you get you up to speed on con artists by looking at where they hide, how they operate and the mindf*ck tools that they use to con us. This book, almost 200 pages, delves deeply into the hidden history of the U.S. and looks at critical points where con artists have influenced the direction of country’s evolution. It also answers the who/what/where/when questions below.

  • What are my blind spots?
  • What makes me an easy mark for con artists?
  • How can I get better at spotting them before you sign on the dotted line?
  • What kinds of things should I look for when trying to identify a con artist?
  • Where should I be on the lookout for con artists?
  • What makes a person become a con artist?
  • Is it possible to prevent people from becoming con artists?
  • What happens when con artists take over?

“A strong and courageous contribution, and extremely timely.”


Con Job Series Book Three: How to Protect Yourself From Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators.

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Janae Weinhold Con Job Book 3This third in the “educate yourself” Con Job ebook series looks in-depth at con artists, sociopaths and predators. It focuses on “the solution:” how to protect yourself from con artists, psychopaths and predators.

Chapter One describes how con artists are created and looks at the impact of early trauma on their development. It also examines role of the social and cultural environment in creating people who become con artists, sociopaths and predators.

Chapter Two helps you look at how you grew up, and to recognize dysfunctional family patterns and experiences that might make you an easy target for con artists. Chapter Three looks at how the structure of American society not only protects con artists, but also holds them up as examples of “success” in fulfilling the “American Dream.”

Chapter Four describes how to shift from victim consciousness to “getting smart.” It looks specifically at Drama Triangle dynamics: recognizing a rescue, encountering your shadow, getting off the Drama Triangle, and taking charge of your life. Chapter Five describes specific things that you can do to protect yourself from relational, institutional and societal predators. It also describes how to protect children from predators, a growing concern today for parents.

In Chapter Six Janae shares eleven stories (there are more!) about her own encounters with con artists, sociopaths and predators. This chapter ends with a summary of what she has learned from her experiences and a framework that she hopes will inspire you.

A complementary video that I recommend on this topic:

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How To Protect Yourself From Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators

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