BREAKING FAMILY PATTERNS: How To Change Your Family Patterns

how_to_change_your_family_patternsWhat you don’t know can hurt your relationships

Dysfunctional family patterns left over from childhood can ruin your adult relationships and you won’t even know why—unless you read this book. Click the link below to order it directly from Amazon:

Breaking Family Patterns: How to Change Your Family Patterns, a new Kindle release from Barry K Weinhold, will help you stop replaying unconscious patterns from your family-of-origin in your adult relationships and with your children. Most people don’t understand how and why this happens, so they feel powerless to change things. This practical how-to book contains many stories about how Barry changed his life by identifying and breaking his dysfunctional family patterns. It will will help you not only break free of your family patterns, but also change your life.

Book Two, Breaking Family Patterns: How To Change Your Family Patterns, is part of a four e-book series on Building Sustainable Relationships. Book One helps you identify the intergenerational behavior patterns that can disrupt your adult relationships. Once you have identified these patterns, you need to know how to change them. Book Two shows you how to change them. You learned these behaviors while growing up and they helped you survive childhood hopefully with minimum damage. Unfortunately, if they are not changed they will ruin you adult relationships. This book contains my story about how I changed my family patterns.

You need to read this book if you:

  • Overreact to things that your relationship partner says and does and you don’t know why.
  • Need to understand why you overreact and learn how to keep this from happening.
  • Want specific skill-building exercises and information you can use to change these disruptive behaviors.
  • Struggle with expressing your feelings appropriately.
  • Hope to create a more harmonious relationship.
  • Want examples of how others have dealt with this problem in their relationships.
  • Would like to feel more compassion and acceptance toward your relationship partner.
  • Want more intimacy in your relationships.
  • Want to be able to be yourself more in your relationships without causing conflicts.

If you haven’t, you should also read Breaking Family Patterns: How To Identify Your Family Patterns, also available on Kindle. It will help you identify the causes of your overreactions and conflicts in your relationships. All relationships have bumpy places and these can be overcome if understand why they are happening and what you can do to smooth them out. This book shows you how to do that and gives you hope that these conflicts will not destroy your relationships. There are proven ways to understand what is happening and what to do about it. These two books give you the information and tools you need to create the kind of relationship you have always wanted. These books give you examples of how other couples have changed their relationship and help you learn how you can do the same.

Note: This book will be available for a free Download to your Kindle  Sat., Dec. 8 and Sun., Dec. 9, 2012.

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