Robert J. Nejedlo, Ph.D., Counselor Educator  

  Drs. Janae and Barry Weinhold write this book from a strong philosophical belief that the natural state of the universe is peaceful interdependence, and their premise is that peace is inevitable. Contrasted with the traditional view that conflict is inevitable and we must learn to manage it, we indeed witness a paradigm shift and are challenged to take part in a transformative learning experience to resolve conflicts the Partnership Way.The purpose of the book is to "help adults recognize their residue of developmental trauma and to teach the psychological tools needed to resolve their conflicts in peaceful ways." Rather than using competitive, aggressive means to get what we need and /or prove our worth, the authors present a framework for us to acquire skills for resolving our conflicts in a caring, compassionate manner which can lead both parties to deeper growth and development of potential. Appreciation is expressed to both the authors for the extensive review of the professional literature on conflict resolution which is evident throughout the book. The content is enhanced by the inclusion of relevant knowledge from their references.The Partnership Way introduces a new paradigm for resolving conflict that is designed to shift your consciousness and move you forward in your evolution. It shows you how to use conflict to transform yourself, your relationships and your life. The book helps readers identify "developmental traumas" which are experienced at birth and during the first three years of life and are a common cause of intractable conflicts. It also presents a systemic approach that shows how your unresolved internal conflicts contribute to conflict in intimate relationships and in families; to conflicts in schools, the workplace and communities; in the counseling and legal professions and in nation-states. Specific chapters show how to apply The Partnership Way in each of these systems. The book is filled with self-inventories, self-awareness activities and step-by-step worksheets to use in resolving different kinds of conflicts. The Partnership Way teaches you how to:

  • Simplify and reframe your conflicts from a negative to a positive experience;
  • Resolve conflicts of wants and needs and values and beliefs;
  • Utilize the strong feelings that often emerge during conflict situations;
  • Heal underlying traumas at the source of conflicts;
  • Unify the opposites that appear in conflict situations;
  • Develop reciprocity in relationships;
  • Infuse conflict situations with compassion and kindness;
  • Resolve your intractable conflicts at their source and welcome conflict as a tool for transformation


  Barry and Janae Weinhold have not only plowed new ground in the conflict resolution area, they have taken the concepts in conflict resolution to new vistas. Their work is transforming. It holds great promise in bringing about a peaceful universe. About the Reviewer:Robert J. Nejedlo, Ph.D. is a retired professor of counseling from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois. In 1988-89 he served as President of the American Counseling Association. He was Visiting Professor of Counseling at Governors State University, University Park, Illinois in 1997-98. Since that time he has been an University Lecturer of Counseling at Governors State University.

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