Betrayal and the Path of the Heart by Barry K. Weinhold, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist and Janae B. Weinhold, Ph.D., LPC

This book is about betrayal—the breaking of primal trust, the loss of childhood innocence, and separation. It became an issue for us when we recognized that betrayal trauma from our early childhood affected our ability to sustain intimacy. So we put “betrayal” into our LOVE-a-tory and really studied it.  And then we wrote this short, practical book to share with you what we learned in this sometimes painful, but freeing process.

INTRODUCTION – Defines betrayals and includes examples of the major betrayals of the authors.
CHAPTER ONE: BETRAYAL AND THE PATH OF THE HEART – This chapter describes what constitutes betrayal trauma, the developmental sources of adult betrayals and role of betrayals in adult relationships; It also contains a Self-Quiz to identify how much betrayal you suffered as a child.
CHAPTER TWO: EARLY CHILDHOOD BETRAYALS -This chapter defines the two different kinds of childhood betrayals and contains a Self-Quiz to help the reader identify any childhood traumas related to betrayals.
CHAPTER THREE: CHILDHOOD SEXUAL BETRAYALS AS SOUL WOUNDS – This chapter describes childhood betrayal as soul wounds, looks at sexual abuse as a form of betrayal and discusses the sexually addicted society and how it condones sexual betrayals.
CHAPTER FOUR: BETRAYALS IN COUPLE RELATIONSHIPS- This chapter describes the various kinds of betrayals that occur in adult relationships.
CHAPTER FIVE: COLLECTIVE BETRAYALS – This chapter looks at the collective causes and effects of collective betrayals that exist in politics and religions.
CHAPTER SIX: UNDERSTANDING THE LONG-TERM EFFECT OF CHILDHOOD BETRAYALS – This chapter looks at the long-term effects of childhood betrayals and what it takes to heal these soul wounds.
CHAPTER SEVEN: HOW BETRAYAL TRAUMA CAN DISRUPT YOUR LIFE -This chapter describes the ways that betrayal trauma can disrupt your life This include the result of the ACE studies that links childhood trauma with adult physical and mental health problems.
CHAPTER EIGHT: TOOLS FOR HEALING BETRAYAL TRAUMA -Here we describe the effective tools you need to heal your betrayal traumas. This includes ways to locate your betrayals and understand the long-term effects they have had on your life
CHAPTER NINE: HEALING BETRAYALS AS THE PATH TO INDIVIDUATION – Here we show how healing your betrayal traumas can move you on the path to individuation. This includes the steps you need to take to complete this process as an adult in a relationship.
CHAPTER TEN: HEALING COLLECTIVE BETRAYALS – The lsat chapter suggests effective ways to help any betrayal trauma that comes from collective sources like our government or your religion.

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