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Click here to download our Student Bullying Survey and/or our Kindness Campaign survey for Parents. Choose “projects” as your topic of choice.

Here is a sample bullying prevention policy for schools. The policy is best utilized as part of the Kind and Safe Schools Initiative, a bullying prevention project for schools.

The Objectives of a School Policy on Bullying and Put-Downs:

  • To create a strong bullying prevention policy enforced by the adults.
  • To empower the “silent majority” of students who witness bullying and do nothing. Build an effective support system for protecting those who are picked on.
  • Develop intervention programs to change the school climate so bullying is not possible. Recognize that bullies feel scared.
  • Create ways to help bullies deal with their fears. Develop ways to help bullies experience positive social rewards. Survey students/teachers on their perceptions of bullying and put-downs.

Guidelines for Creating a School-Wide Bullying Prevention Program

  • Start with an in-service for the entire faculty and staff.
  • Use results of the student/teacher surveys as part of the in-service.Involve parents.
  • Hold meetings; send home information on results of student/teacher surveys on bullying and put-downs.
  • Involve everyone in the school in the process of developing the policy.
  • Conduct classroom discussions about bullying and put-downs.
  • Use results of the survey to stimulate classroom discussion. The Spreading Kindness Program Guide I has suggested classroom activities.
  • Have teachers and students establish 3-4 classroom rules such as these:
    • We agree that no student will be permitted to bully or put-down any other student.
    • We agree that we will come to the aid of any student being bullied or put-down by telling a bully to stop and/or by getting help from an adult.
    • We agree to include all students in all activities at school or on the playground.
  • Involve everyone in the school in developing 3-4 overall school rules such as these:
    • All staff members will confront bullying and put-downs as soon as they are identified.
    • Students agree to help those being bullied or put-down by speaking out and by getting adult help.
    • All students agree to include everyone in their activities. No one is marginalized.
    • Post these rules in every classroom and in all public areas such as restrooms, playgrounds and lunchrooms.
    • Think through how to best advertise the policy.
    • Consider having the School Board adopt the policy.

Enforcement Guidelines:

  • Intervene quickly
  • Enforce consistently
  • Develop procedures for investigating incident reports
  • Use the school counselor to teach bullies new ways to get their needs met
  • Find positive ways to channel the bullying behavior


  • Re-administer the survey after the policy is in effect and compare results
  • Compare number and kinds of discipline referral pre and post
  • Compare number of put-downs pre and post

If you are interested in having us help you create a bullying prevention program for your school, please contact Barry K. Weinhold, Ph.D.

The Kindness Campaign C/O Barry K. Weinhold

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Download our Student Bullying Survey and/or our Kindness Campaign survey for Parents

Choose "projects" as your topic of choice

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