There are many places in this country that have brilliant scientists conducting secret research. Some of the most prominent are:

Area 51 near Reno, Nevada
Wright-Patterson AF Base in Ohio
Nellis AFB near Las Vegas
Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, New Mexico
Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque

51The research of this scientist who has worked at Area 51 for 19 years has been gradually released to the world because he believes that we need to know it. He believes that humanity is approaching a critical juncture in its evolution in the next few years and he wants us to be able to make informed choices when we are faced with options that have tremendous impact on the human species.

Much of what Dr. Burisch learned came from very specialized research with beings from a star system known as Zeta Reticulum. On the left is a sketch of the being known as J-Rod with whom he worked for a year in 1992-93. The sketch on the right shows what a normal looking being from the Zeta Reticulum star system looks like. The one on the left suffered from some kind of genetic problem that caused him to be crippled and deformed.

Both of these beings worked with researchers at both Area 51 and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, helping them advance the technologies for aircraft and other defense projects. According to Burisch, the collaboration between these beings from the Zeta Reticulum star system and Earthlings is part of an exchange project contracted between their civilization and a secret group of people, mostly Americans, known as the Majestic 12.

Dr. Burisch’s story about J-Rod and his neurological problem sounded like pure science when I first stumbled onto it. J-Rod and Dr. Burisch were able to communicate telepathically during the time that they spent together and here is what Dan learned. According to J-Rod, the universe has several timelines, realities or dimensions, which is quite different from our own belief that ours is the ONLY reality.

J-Rod told Burisch that he was from another timeline in which 2012 had already happened. Just prior to their civilization’s 2012, Earth went through catastrophic changes. J-Rod believed that these changes were caused by things that were preventable such as the explosion of nuclear bombs. As a result of this catastrophe, humanity split into two groups. The spiritual group went to the Orion star system, while the technological group went first to Mars and then on to Zeta Reticulum.

J-Rod was from the technological group who went to Mars and then on to Zeta Reticulum and suffered genetic damage from the catastrophic changes. His civilization has mastered time, and he volunteered to travel back in time prior to the events of our 2012. He hoped to change the events of our 2012 and prevent the catastrophic changes his civilization went through during their 2012. He also hoped that his research with Dan Burisch would help cure his civilization’s genetic neuropathic problems.

J-Rod indicated that the photos below from the surface of Mars are human-made structures.

this building,

This glass tube,

the pyramidal structure known as the Face on Mars,

and this structure known as Inca City, are all remnants of his civilization after it left Earth and went to Mars.

The Majestic 12 is allowing Burisch to release information about parts of his research with J-Rod because the terms of their treaty with J-Rods civilization required that their presence on Earth be released in 2005.

Burisch is also being assisted in the disclosure process by William Hamilton III, a physicist and researcher who I heard speak in Atlanta in June 2005 and also spent several hours speaking with him privately about his work. Bill showed 1 1/2 hours of a taped interview with Dan Burisch about his research and relationship with J-Rod that I found believable. This tape is available on Hamilton’s website,

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